Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – Monday 5th April 2021 – #Reviews D.Wallace Peach, #BlackHumour Jacqui Murray, #Haddock New Vintage Kitchen

A small selection of posts I have enjoyed over the last few days.

It is always wonderful to receive a review from Diana Wallace Peach and she shares the lucky recipients in her review round up posts for March.

Happy April! Time for some reading!

I’m planning to take some time away from the blog to finish up my WIP and spring clean my house. Yeesh. I need a band of house spirits to help with that second task. One of the challenges with a log house, is wiping down each and every dusty log.

Wish me luck.

March book reviews include my 4 and 5 star reads of fantasy, a medical thriller, two poetry collections, a short story, and a Vietnam War memoir.

Sorcery of Thorns by Margaret Rogerson

I loved The Enchantment of Ravens and looked forward to reading another of Rogerson’s books. Just imagine a fantasy set in a Great Library where books ruffle their pages or grumble or sniff or snap at your clothing as you pass. Some of them are talkative, others love to sing opera, and a few are so wicked they have to be chained and locked in a vault. Imagine a world where demons can be bound as servants and where love tests the limits of evil. Where a haunted sorcerer and librarian’s apprentice join forces to save the world. Oooooh. This book is so magical.

Head over to read the rest of this review, the others and find your next read: Myths of the Mirro March Book Reviews

The next post is from Jacqui Murray who is completing an A-Z challenge over the next few months… and in this post she explores Black Humour… she would love your thoughts on the subject.

#AtoZChallenge: Genres–Black Comedy

The A to Z Challenge asks bloggers to post 26 articles on a themed topic. It’s supposed to be every day except Sundays during the month of April but I find that too busy and decided to post mine ‘about’ twice a month. Yes, it’ll take me a year. Sigh.

My topic, like the last three times, will be writing genres.


This genre: A TO Z –  Black Comedy

Definition: humor that touches on the darker sides of storytelling such as death and fear; also known as black humor, dark humor, dark comedy, morbid humor, and gallows humor

Head over to discover more about Black Humour and how to incorporate into your writing: Word Dreams A-Z Challenge Genres

And last but not least is a delicious fish recipe and a story that goes with it from Dorothy of the New Vintage Kitchen.

Haddock Quenelles in Saffron Fish Broth

Light, fluffy dumplings swimming in a flavorful pool of delight, inspired by a character from the past.

Dec. 31, 1985, was memorable on several counts. First of all, I made a lavish New Year’s Eve feast inspired by the vintage cookbook “Francatelli’s Modern Cook” 1887, a revision of earlier editions. I had picked this up for a buck at a bookstall, and loved browsing its yellowed pages. Francatelli, a British cook of Italian parents, loved the French touch and grand displays. He was chief chef to Queen Victoria for several years, chef to other nobility, famous club houses, and hotels. He was also a noted cookbook author, this particular book being in print for a half century with 29 editions. You may have enjoyed this flamboyant character in the PBS series “Victoria,” a series

Head over to discover more Chef Francatelli (sounds like a Victorian Gordon Ramsay!) and the recipe for this delicious fish dish:New Vintage Kitchen – Haddock Quenelles in Saffron fish broth


Thanks for dropping in today and I hope you will head over to enjoy the posts in full.. thanks Sally.

26 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – Monday 5th April 2021 – #Reviews D.Wallace Peach, #BlackHumour Jacqui Murray, #Haddock New Vintage Kitchen

  1. Thanks again for sharing the books reviews, Sally. An interesting post from Jacqui about Black Humor, something that I know I haven’t the skill to write! And thanks for the intro to Dorothy and her blog. What a fascinating glimpse into her recipe. 😀

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  2. Three very different and creative bloggers here. I’m already aware of Diana’s skill as a writer, blogger and reviewer and I’ve no idea where she finds the time and energy to do all three. Have the two of you made a Faustian pact? xx

    Liked by 2 people

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