Smorgasbord Blog Magazine – D. G. Kaye News and Update – 7th April 2021

As many of you will know, Debby has been taking a break from her own blog and also her regular posts here as she cared for her husband in the last few weeks.  She has asked me to let you know that her husband passed away this afternoon…

Debby has appreciated your kind thoughts and wishes over the last few weeks and I am sure you join me in sending our love and condolences..

RIP lovely ‘G’

Here is Debby’s Facebook Page


66 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Blog Magazine – D. G. Kaye News and Update – 7th April 2021

  1. It still comes as a shock, doesn’t it? Thanks for letting us know and please let Debby know how much she’s loved and that we’re here for her. xx

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  2. Sal, thanks again for all your support and standing in for me everywhere in this most horrendous time of my life. And I appreciate all the love and support from everyone that I’ve been receiving through various methods of communication. I will do a proper thank you when I can breathe, that may be awhile yet. I’m still running on fumes. I need to crash so I can begin my journey to rise again. I love you all. And PS, I’ve posted on my FB page the obit and link to livestream in our minimized party of 15 max allowed at the service because of our Covid lockdown once again. Gratefully, they will allow more at the cemetery. Oye! ❤

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  3. Such sad news, even if expected. I saw your message on Facebook and the lovely pictures Debby has been sharing. I agree that it’s sad we aren’t physically closer, but I am sure Debby knows we are thinking of her nonetheless. I kept thinking of T. S. Eliot’s line “April is the cruelest month’. It’s proving a pretty tough time. Stay safe and pass my condolences and love to Debby. ♥

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