Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – Thursday April 8th 2021 – #Review by Elizabeth Gauffreau, #Challenge Antoinette Truglio Martin, #FREE Book Daniel Kemp

A small selection of posts that I thought you might enjoy and a special offer from Daniel Kemp on one of his books.

The first post is a book review by Elizabeth Gauffreau and a fascinating introduction by the author about the inspiration for the book.

Elizabeth Gauffreau – Bookreview: Zahara and the Lost Books of Light by Joyce Yarrow

Zahara and the Lost Books of Light opens with a gripping scene from the Spanish Inquisition. In a moonlit plaza in Granada, “The smell of incipient violence taints the air.” Although a dozen severed earlobes hanging from the Arc of the Ears bear witness to the loss of human life that day, the incipient violence in the air is not directed toward heretics. It is directed toward heretical works: books.

Head over to discover more about  Zahara and the Lost Books of Light and read the rest of Liz’s review: Zahara and the Lost Books of Light review by Liz Gauffreau

The next post is from Antoinette Truglio Martin and shares news of a blog challenge with a difference and one that sounds delicious. Antoinette also shares her course to share at a virtual dinner party.

What’s On Your Plate ? Blog Challenge

My talented blog friend, Donna at Retirement Reflections, has teamed up with Deb of Widow Badass to invite all of us to a monthly virtual dinner party. The goal is to spread meal inspiration and share dishes that we have recently enjoyed. Breakfast, lunch, appetizers, dinner, dining in, dining out… all ideas are welcome!

Head over to find out more about Antoinette’s chosen course and how you can participate in the challenge: Antoinette Truglio Martin What’s On Your Plate?

And last but no means least.. Daniel Kemp who entertains us fortnightly with his humour, is offering one of his book FREE  until end of tomorrow 9th April

Free until Friday 9th April

The Story That Had No Beginning

A murder story that will keep you guessing until the very end.

About the book

Alicia Collinson poses a surprising question to her dinner guests:

“Do you think lying is endemic in society today?”

They all have different answers based on their experiences, but what was the purpose of Alicia’s question?

She was separated from her twin brother, Tom, when they were eight. Tom graduated into a life of violence, while Alice found a life of fortune and wealth in her partner, Mary.

But when Mary unexpectedly passes away, a new person enters Alice’s life – someone who seems to know every detail about her. Soon, her past and present lives collide with life-changing consequences.

One of the reviews for the book

Norma Miles VINE VOICE 5.0 out of 5 stars “It is the fantasy that is the truth.”  Reviewed in the United Kingdom

Twins Alice and Tom Collins were separated aged eight when their parents died, and grew up unaware of each other, each becoming known by different names and forging very different lives. Alice, now Alicia, is loved and embraced as a surrogate daughter by a prosperous banker, Mary, with no children of her own, and she assists Alicia’s rise and fame as a sought after photographer. Tom, however, gleefully choses the criminal route, eventually working for Mr.Henry, club owner and crime boss, adopting the new name of Bobby Brown. It is Tom, or rather his ghost, who tells the story, moving backwards and forwards in time as he relates the events leading up to, and including, the dinner party at which his sister, her partner and two others are in attendance and considering the recent killings, including that of Tom himself.

Although relatively short, The Story that had no Beginning, is not an easy read. It demands concentration with it’s numerous characters and movement through place and time. And again, who is actually telling the truth? Most everyone lies to some extent and for some reason: this book is a bit like peeling layers from an onion with eyes right shut. Actions, even ones quite slight, can have future consequences. Or past ones! This book is not easy, and all the better for it. Superbly written, it is worth a second visit to pick up on nuances missed first time round.

Characterisation is good. These people have a basic reality. And the narrator, Magnus Carlssen, gives a fine performance both giving gently individual voice to each protagonist (though on occasion his Irish accent felt questionable ) as well as reading with good pace, inflection and clarity. He certainly enhances the telling of the story.Sent

My thanks to the rights holder of The Story that had No Beginning, who, at my request freely gifted me with a complimentary copy. I struggled with the opening chapters but, fortunately, persisted. This was an unusual and excellent read in both form and content which I would recommend to anyone, not only those who enjoy the murder mystery or thriller genres but also those who like to ponder philosophical questions like the quirks of fate and chance and the nature of truth and lies. This is a book to which i will return for a second read quite soon, and I look forward to reading more by author, Daniel Kemp.  

Head over to pick your free copy up from this universal link on Amazon:

Thank you for dropping in today and I hope you will head over to read the posts in full and take up Danny’s offer for his book.. thanks Sally.

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