Tree-top Dancers~

After a hard day it is always a good idea to end with something beautiful and as always Cindy Knoke provides the perfect images to enjoy…snowy egrets.. stunning photography as always

Snowy Egrets,

in full courtship display,

dance on the top of tall thorn trees,

and sing their peculiar courtship songs.

They seem to get ignored a lot,

but their efforts must work,

judging by the hundred or so tree-top nesting females.

Egrets dance, sing, and nest, on trees with formidable thorns, to keep less talented predators away.

I found this recording on you tube of the egret’s most peculiar courtship song. It is much louder in person with many birds courting, dancing and singing, at the same time. ( Thank you Kim DeGiulio Goecke, who I do not know, who accurately recorded their songs):

Cheers to you from the dancing and singing tree-top birds~

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35 thoughts on “Tree-top Dancers~

  1. Snowy egrets abound here in Florida, too, Sally. They are one of my favorite wading birds. We call them “the bird with the golden slippers.” (Those feet are bright yellow in the sun and really stand out from their black legs.) Great post! 😀

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  2. These lovely birds were a regular sight where I partial grew up. Mid-afternoon, especially in the summer, they gathered in a large flock on the shallow end of the lake. They looked like snow in the summer. Lovely post. 😀

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  3. They are beautiful birds. I had a hard time keeping a straight face listening to them. They sound like cartoon characters.

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  4. Magnificent creatures – though I was expecting their song to be a tad more ethereal! xx


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