Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – Tuesday 20th April 2021 – #Community Jennie Fitzkee, #Wellbeing Toni Pike, #Guestpost offer Beetley Pete

A small selection of post I have enjoyed over the last few days.

The first post is Jennie Fitzkee of  A Teacher’s Reflections and celebrates the week of the young child.. so much promise and hunger for knowledge and they deserve the very best opportunities in life. Something they get in abundance in Jennie’s class.

Week of the Young Child

This is ‘Week of the Young Child’, celebrated nationally by early childhood programs, accredited by NAEYC – National Association for the Education of Young Children. It’s a big deal!

We celebrated by ‘filling buckets’, literally and figuratively. Children filled pails with soil, planted flowers, and delivered them throughout the community.

Delivered to the public library.

Filling buckets is spreading kindness.

Head over to find out more about the project that spreads a little kindness: Week of the Young Child – Jennie Fitzkee

The next post is from Toni Pike about making sure that as well as making everyone else’s wellbeing and happiness a priority, you don’t forget about yourself..

Ways To Show Yourself Love #selflove

This is a series about authenticity, validation, self-belief and personal power.
The importance of loving yourself

How do you show your love to someone? Most people convey their warmth, tenderness, kindness and support by the way they speak and act towards the other person.

But have you ever thought of showing love to yourself?

I now believe that nothing is more important than loving yourself in a true, steady, heartfelt way, with the ability to comfort yourself and trust and validate your own opinions and feelings. From that basis, you are then in the very best position to make a contribution to the world and relate to other people.

If you’ve been lacking in that area and now learning to love and support yourself, then this article is for you. One easy way to develop your own self love is to think of ways to treat yourself well.

Head over to discover Toni’s tips to making sure you are looking after your own well-being: Ways to show yourself love by Toni Pike

And the third post today is from Pete Johnson, Beetley Pete who is offering guest spots on his blog…a great way to get noticed.

The last time I offered to host guest posts on this blog, the response was rather lukewarm.

Not downhearted, I have decided to make that offer once again, whether to new bloggers, experienced bloggers, and anyone who has previously had a guest post on here. It is not time-limited, so if you want to write something specifically for the guest post, you can send it at leisure.

Head over to check submission guidelines: Guest posts on Beetley Pete’s Blog


Thanks for dropping in today and I hope you will head over and read the posts in full..thanks Sally.

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