Smorgasbord Daily Blogger – Wednesday April 21st 2021 – #Treasure Mary Smith, #Finance Sharon Marchisello, #Kindness Jane Sturgeon

A small selection of posts I have enjoyed over the last few days and I hope you will head over to enjoy in full…thanks Sally.

The first post is good news from Mary Smith who lost a very special earring a week ago of a pair sent to her by Sue Vincent. It was lost somewhere in the garden and although there were many kind offers to replace if possible, a neighbour equipped with a metal detector kindly offered to attempt a treasure hunt.  A lovely feel good post with a great photo of the knight in shining armour.

MarySmith’sPlace – Cancer Diary#32 #earring #lost&found

Sunday, 18 April: I recently told the world how devastated I was when I lost one of a pair of earrings gifted by my friend Sue Vincent. As always, the response was overwhelming with many people sharing heart-warming stories of treasures lost and found, hopes, wishes, prayers and practical tips for finding the earring.

One friend, jeweller Amanda Hunter, said she’d try to make a replacement for me if I sent her the remaining earring and another, retired farmer (they never actually do retire, though!) John Nelson said he’d bring his metal detector round.

Around 4.30pm on Friday John appeared with the metal detector. Until I lost a tiny earring I’ve always thought of my garden as being small but it suddenly looked dauntingly enormous.

Head over to follow the treasure hunt in full and share the good news: MarySmith’sPlace – Cancer Diary#32 #earring #lost&found

The next post is from Sharon Marchisello who is marking the release of the audio version of Live Well, Grow Wealth with some excerpts. Do you prefer to use credit or debit cards or cash.. and have you a pot of coins that might be out of date.. or even worth more than their face value…

Cash, Credit, or Debit

In preparation for the release of the audiobook version of Live Well, Grow Wealth, I’ll be sharing excerpts each week on this blog.

This excerpt is from Chapter One, Live Within Your Means, and it discusses the pros and cons of various forms of payment.

Many financial consultants will tell you to cut up your credit cards, or to never apply for credit at all. I won’t tell you that. I love my three credit cards; they are a secure alternative to carrying a lot of cash. I use them for groceries, gasoline, and even some utilities; I pay by credit card whenever one is accepted without an additional charge for the convenience. The secret is to remit the balance in full every month, on time, so you never pay one penny of interest. For me, a credit card is a convenient form of payment, and a side benefit is that I get to use other people’s money for a short while. Additionally, many credit cards offer rewards like frequent flyer mileage, gift cards, or even cash back. If you think of a credit card as a magic plastic wand that enables you to buy something you cannot otherwise afford, perhaps cutting yours up is a good idea.

Head over to read Sharon’s advice on the use of cards and cash: Cash, Credit, or Debit by Sharon Marchisello

Although Easter was a couple of weeks ago there is no time limit on kindness and thoughtfulness and here is a lovely heart-warming post from Jane Sturgeon about both.

Moments of thoughtfulness…

I crafted my monthly newsletter today and I apologise to those of you that read it, as I am sharing the same pictures here. My heart lifted as I visited the post office yesterday and I saw the egg tree outside our library. The village in bloom group has decorated the tops of our letterboxes, the trellis next to the cottage garden planters on our main road and some small trees and their thoughtfulness is much appreciated.

Thoughtfulness keeps us all going and brings uplift into our days. Thank goodness.

Head over to read the rest of Jane’s delightful post:  Jane Sturgeon – Moments of thoughtfulness


Thanks for dropping in and I hope you will head over to enjoy these posts in full… Sally.

34 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Daily Blogger – Wednesday April 21st 2021 – #Treasure Mary Smith, #Finance Sharon Marchisello, #Kindness Jane Sturgeon

  1. Hello, Sally, you have no idea how much I appreciate your sharing these posts like this. It really helps me keep up with other bloggers. I miss posts because I use the Reader now and am generally reading at the same time every day. I miss people who post at a different time of the day and these posts of yours help discover treasures.

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  2. Fantastic choices today Sal! Sue most definitely helped Mary find that earring. Jane’s blogs are always beautiful to read, and Sharon’s advice is spot on. The trick is to pay off the full balance each month. We always put everything on our card and do the same. That way we earn tons of points for airline tickets. Wonderful posts! ❤

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  3. But now I’m really curious whether and where the earring was found again. How suitable the information is for different payment methods. One is currently once again equating convenient electronic payment with the desire for electronic money. Heartwarming posts are also very welcome, these days!. Thank you, Sally! Have a nice Thursday! Michael

    Liked by 2 people

      • I totally agree with you, Sally. Here in the whole region you can only pay with a debit card. Two years ago they thought the debit cards were only suitable for amounts over 1000 euros. Lol I was the alien! This with steaming the money is a very good idea. 😉 I am also so glad that Mary found the earring again. Maybe Sue was a little helper. 😉

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