Smorgasbord Poetry – Colleen Chesebro’s #Tanka Tuesday Weekly Poetry Challenge 222 #Photoprompt – #Double Etheree – #The Future? by Sally Cronin

This week is a photoprompt in the Colleen Chesebro’s #Tanka Tuesday Challenge 222 Photoprompt – Anita Dawes from last month’s challenge has provided the photo for this month’s challenge and I have created a stacked double etheree.

Image by mollyroselee from Pixabay

The Future?

imply richness
with promise of wealth
but is only fool’s gold
for those who worked this parched land
leaving abandoned reminders
of mankind’s lack of resilience
beneath the scorching power of the sun.
Even metal and brick cannot withstand
onslaught of scouring winds over time
and just one withered tree remains
of a once vibrant forest
felled to fuel human needs
thoughtless and greedy
robbing nature
of its chance
to save

©Sally Cronin 2021

There is still time to participate in this week’s challenge:  Colleen Chesebro’s #Tanka Tuesday Challenge 222 Photoprompt


Thanks for dropping in and I hope you enjoyed my poem…thanks Sally.


42 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Poetry – Colleen Chesebro’s #Tanka Tuesday Weekly Poetry Challenge 222 #Photoprompt – #Double Etheree – #The Future? by Sally Cronin

  1. A powerful poem, Sally. Just today I was reading about how governments need to establish climate change resilience in their populations so that they can better withstand the natural disasters caused by climate change and recover quicker. I just think, come on guys, why are we not making the changes needed to avoid the climate change.

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    • I agree Robbie.. Countries are no longer self sufficient, although Ireland is luckier than most having a healthy arable farming and dairy industry. Unlike in the time of the famine in the mid 1800’s we are no longer reliant on one staple crop, potatoes and are much more diverse now and at less risk. The UK has an estimated 2 weeks of food reserves and much of theirs is imported. Too much land has been turned over to biofuels such as soyabean instead of food crops.. around 160million acres worldwide. That is expanding all the time, as is the world’s population.. so yes there is much that needs to change but the focus is on climate change because that is where the grant money goes and where the most fudging of figures are to be found. We are currently in a cooling cycle with reduced sun spot activity with several years ahead of unpredictable weather patterns.. such as snow in Texas and frosts this month in France that have had a devastating effect on this year’s grape harvest. There is definitely many sides to this issue and there is no clear strategy to resolve it…sorry for the speel… once I get started on this subject!!! hugsx

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  2. What a powerful poem, Sally. I don’t think the greedy people will every care about climate change or save the planet. They see nothing except the two gold coins covering their eyes. They use their power to excavate the rain forest to plant palm tree for profit, don’t care when it reduces the global oxygen. Some global leaders such as the UN president and the latest, Vladimir Putin, started paying attention but it will take a lot to affect the business world, and the education. Perhaps Greta Thumberg will get the attention of the younger generations. Thank you for sharing this poem! ❤

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    • Thank you Miriam.. it has always been and sadly always will be the pursuit of money. We get fat in our countries with the glut of food that is wasted in millions of tons a year whilst the other half of the world is searching landfills for something to sell to buy food.. no sense whatsoever and no-one is in charge overall who has compassion or a lick of sense…xxx


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