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A little change of pace this week with a cookery book and also you will be pleased a free ebook that is easy to download.. written by Eat Dessert First Greece in both Greek and English. Ένα γλυκό βιβλίapaki – A “Sweet” Book.  It is hoped that with the continued vaccination roll out, one day soon we can experience these delights for ourselves

About the cookbook

This ebook is a creation of Giorgos Vlachakis and Eliza Neofytou, creators and owners of
Eat Dessert First Greece

It is distributed exclusively for free and aims to promote our tried and tested recipes, information on some of our traditional products and a photographic presentation of Greek travel destinations.

As we declare with our name we want the beautiful and sweet things in life to have priority…For this reason we added many to our first ebook in which we present various charities for humans and animals, so that the “sweet” can be alternated literally and figuratively.

Giorgos Vlachakis is responsible for the idea and setup of the ebook and Eliza Neofytou for its design and creation. We are delighted to share our ebook with you for free. Enjoy and sweet reading.

My review for the Eat Dessert First Ebook May 15th 2021

This is not just a cookbook, but a stunningly compiled example of traditional recipes and products, combined with guided tour of some of the beautiful locations around the Greek Islands. Filled with the reminders of an ancient civilization and the beauty of the Mediterranean.

I will admit to loving desserts although we usually reserve for special occasions, and there are certainly some stunning creations in this cookbook to delight all those with a sweet tooth… such as carrot cake with extra virgin olive oil and cream cheese frosting and healthy dark chocolate tart, pears in grape molasses with a base made with extra virgin olive oil.

For those who have a more savoury taste, desserts are not the only thing on the menu and I can highly recommend the homemade pizza made with traditional Greek ingredients.

Throughout the book there are wonderful photographs that share the outstanding beauty to be found in Greece including Plastiras Lake and the island of Aegina. These link to articles on the main site where you can enjoy them in full.

Importantly this book is also a tribute to the various charities in Greece that make a difference to young an old and they have never been so important as in this last fourteen months.

I recommend that you download this free ebook to sample not just the recipes but the other delights to be found in this jewel of the Mediterranean.

To download the cookbook head over to:
Eat Dessert First Greece Cookbook and Cultural guide -in Greek and English

About Eat Dessert First

We are a team of writers, sociocultural researchers, travellers, children’s educators and amateur bakers, based in Athens. What describes us best is that we eat dessert first! But not only… our name symbolises our wish for all the nice and sweet things in life to come first.

Our purpose is to approach aspects of the everyday life that are on our minds, by looking at them in a new perspective and studying them in their historic and cultural evolution… all that through our love for desserts. And of course to discover the history of our favorite sweets! Also, we take a sweet trip every now and then, to meet new places, customs, sights, activities, nature and -what else- little local treats! We don’t forget to exercise too, in order to eat our desserts without remorse…

Given our huge sweet tooth, we wish to learn new recipes, to experiment with new techniques and variations, and of course to share our creations. We also want to discover the roots of our favourite desserts, their influences and their variations around the world.

In a special section we focus on subjects of psychology, social awareness, education, creative activities and much more. But Rupert will tell you all about that along the way!

So, come along on this exciting, sweet adventure… Have a nice trip everyone!

Connect to Eat Dessert First: Blog: Eat Dessert First Greece Twitter: @eatdessert1stGr – Facebook: Eat Dessert First Greece


I hope you have enjoyed my review and will head over to download the FREE cookbook and enjoy the recipes and wonderful side dishes of culture and scenery.  Thanks Sally.



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  1. Good morning, Sally. I tried to download this but message said it’s not available on my device – which is just an ordinary kindle. Just as well maybe . . . it sounds like a fun book to have and read.

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  2. This book sounds so delicious it’s dangerous! I love sweets, but my husband loses all self control. Lol. I like that it includes more than just desserts, but also a bit of a tour through Greece. That makes the recipes all the more rich. 🙂 Great review.

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