Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – Thursday 3rd June 2021 – #MemorialDay John Howell, #Guest of The Story Reading Ape, #Promotion with Marcia Meara

A small selection of posts I have read and enjoyed and I hope you will head over to read them in full.. thanks Sally.

The first post is from John Howell in Texas who takes us to brunch and then on a guided tour of the neighbourhood, showing respect for those lost and scarred by combat in the fight for the freedoms we enjoy..

Views of the Neighborhood – Day Before Memorial Day

Picture of an old time school bus

Since this is Memorial Day weekend, I thought it would be nice to have a leisurely time contemplating what Memorial day means. The day has been set aside to remember those who gave their lives so that we can enjoy the freedom that is an integral part of ours.

We are going to keep the brunch simple today in keeping with the spirit of the weekend. One of our freedoms is to choose food that will taste great but not be the best for us. We are being catered by the Magnolia Pancake Haus in San Antonio, TX. Our guest is the late Marvin Gaye.

Omelets All served with potatoes or pancakes

Our Famous Applewood Smoked Bacon and Aged
Cheddar Cheese Make for The Perfect Breakfast

A trip to the Sonoma Coast inspired this Haus original.
Wild baby arugula, applewood smoked bacon, and goat cheese fill this three-egg delight. Topped with a ribbon of crème Fraiche

Head over to enjoy the whole menu and the rest of the photographs from John’s tour of the neighbourhood:The day before Memorial Day – Tour with John Howell.

The next post is from a guest of The Story Reading Ape – meet Tracy Falenwolfe…who shares her journey to be a published author.

I wrote in secret for many years, lying to my friends and family about how I was spending my time, and lying to myself about being able to do it alone. Why? Because I didn’t want to fail. And, if I did fail, I didn’t want anyone to know I’d failed.

Back then, manuscripts were printed out and submitted by snail mail. The savvy author sent along a self-addressed stamped envelope for the editor’s response, and a post card for the editor to return acknowledging receipt of the manuscript. Once the postcard was returned, the wait began. Would I get a letter saying we want to publish your manuscript? Would it change my life? Would I be a success? Well, no. 

Head over to read the rest of Tracy’s guest post:Meet guest Tracy Falenwolfe – at The Story Reading Ape

Now time for a post from Marcia Meara who has recently enjoyed a three week blogging break.. no wonder she looks so young and carefree…and she also extends an invitation to join her for a fun guest post.. in addition to her usual Thursday feature.. I’m game if you are…And yes Marcia..we did miss you..♥

Alert the Media! 

Fair Warning: I have returned from my very first blogging break, and am rarin’ to go, as we say down here. I was busy every minute of the three weeks I was away, though didn’t get nearly as much writing done as I’d hoped. I think I’ll be factoring in the occasional week off from the blog now and then, if just for the purpose of finishing my WIP.

I did get a lot done around the house and garden, all of which were long overdue things that I’m delighted to cross off the To Do List. It’s nice to finally be planting some new things out back, instead of digging up, and cutting down, and hauling off stuff that was killed during the hurricane. (Yeah, I know that was a couple of years ago, but we are MUCH slower these days, it seems.)

I will be gradually returning to normal around here with all my old standby features, and perhaps some new ones. And with that in mind, I’m offering guests a chance to share something a bit different here on The Write Stuff. Even if you aren’t promoting a new release or promotion, you can still visit the blog now and then to introduce yourself to new readers. How? Like this:

10 Things You May Not Know About Me

Head over to discover the ten things you may not have known about Marcia and throw your hat in the ring…:Welcome back to Marcia and a new way to promote yourself


Thanks for dropping in and I hope you will head over to enjoy in full.. thanks Sally.

41 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – Thursday 3rd June 2021 – #MemorialDay John Howell, #Guest of The Story Reading Ape, #Promotion with Marcia Meara

  1. Thanks so much for including my post here today, Sally. I look forward to YOUR list of ten things, for sure! 😀

    Also, lest you get a totally wrong picture, I’m darn lucky my three week “break” didn’t KILL me. I spent most of it working like a dog in 90+ degree temps, trying to make a bit more headway in our destroyed garden. Happily, we are starting to phase out of the “digging up and cutting down” stage and into the planting of new stuff. It has taken months upon months, but then again, we’re slower than we used to be. I do finally have hopes a new garden will arise from the debris of the hurricane-spawned tornado that caused this mess. (Fingers crossed.)

    Now, if you happen to know of some other, less “murder on the ancient back” way of recovering my young and carefree look, I’d be ever so happy if you’d share. PLEEEEEEASE??? I’d like to get rid of this “old and bedraggled” state I find myself in. 😀 😀 😀

    Liked by 3 people

    • It must have been incredibly hard work Marcia but very good for you (sorry) and I am sure is will look amazing when you have finished and no doubt there will be pictures..
      I have done my list for you Marcia and will send over and you can yell at me for whatever else you might need.. as to the last request darling.. photoshop lol.♥♥

      Liked by 2 people

      • Hahahahahahaha. Yes, I guess Photoshop is next! 😀 I’ll get your list post set up and let you know if I need anything else. I’m planning to do this randomly a couple of times a month, on days when nothing else is scheduled. Will let you know when yours will be. (I think this is gonna be fun!) 😀

        Liked by 2 people

  2. I always enjoy John’s Views of the Neighborhood Tours, and it’s great having Marcia back in the blogopshere again. Thanks for the introduction to Tracy as well, Sally. I’m one of those authors who remembers the days of snail mailing manuscripts!

    Liked by 3 people

  3. John’s neighborhood tours are always interesting. (I can gain five pounds by just reading the brunch menu.). It’s great to see Marcia back.

    And thanks for introducing someone new to me.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. A very great collection, Sally! Love the tour by John, like Marcia’s posting with a new way for promation. xx Michael
    P.S.: Have you sent wishes to the PM. He had married a very younger one, on May, the 29th.


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