Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – Tuesday 8th June 2021 – Entertaining Again? #Recipes Dolly Aizenman, Eat Dessert First, Dorothy of New Vintage Kitchen.

As we all open up just a touch and are able to have a small number of visitors in our gardens, I thought some recipes might inspire some special dishes to serve.

When you pop in to Dolly Aizenman’s kitchen you don’t just get a delicious recipe but also the background and history of the dish or culture. Since some of you might be planning on a BBQ this dish would be perfect.

Spear Your Meat, But Don’t Spare Your Veggies: Shashlik 

shish 1

When you think of meat on skewers, you probably visualize this:

Or, perhaps, if you are even slightly familiar with Georgian cuisine (a country, not a state), this:

And you will be on the right track: regardless of countless variations of it, shishkebab definitely has a long military history. I couldn’t help but share with you, Beautiful People, these simply superb excerpts from Aram Khachaturyan’s ballet Gayane performed by the famous Bolshoi ballet troupe. Of course, as you might have seen in some of my previous posts, the Georgians not only dance, they also sing in their own inimitable style:

Head over to discover more about the origins of shishkebab and the recipe to create your own authentic dish: Shashlik with Dolly Aizenman

Another site where you will enjoy the story behind certain dishes and a guided tour of Greece is Eat Dessert First.. and here is a traditional pie made with Feta cheese.

Ιn the Thessalian plain with a batzina

With a journey in mythology begins the wonderful book Εδεσματολόγιον Θεσσαλίας by Efi Grigoriadou that was sent to us by Savalas Publishers, and it is full of historical information, customs and traditions. From the gods of Olympus it reaches the Centaurs and the Argonauts. It traverses the history of Thessaly and focuses on individual characteristics, customs and traditions. In our new article we will search for the mosaic of people and tribes that lived in Thessaly, as well as the eating habits that characterize this area, with the help of the book Εδεσματολόγιον Θεσσαλίας. With a recipe of the book we will make batzina, a local, traditional pie with feta cheese.

Head over to enjoy the rest of the background to this recipe and how to make this traditional cheese pie yourself: Ιn the Thessalian plain with a batzina

And for Breakfast/Brunch/Dessert something from Dorothy’s New Vintage Kitchen...

Strawberry Orange Crêpes with Nutella Sauce

My guests at the inn always loved crêpes, any kind of crêpe, sweet or savory. When it is strawberry season, and they are starting their annual bounty so nothing else will do, of course. It’s a show-off kind of breakfast that is remarkably easy to make.

Crêpes are also a family favorite in our house, one of the first things I taught my children and grandchildren to cook. Making the “skinny pancakes” is great fun, and they find it delightful to fill with whatever they like. My grandson loves them filled with cheese, but his sister will always choose something sweet. My husband wants ham and cheese! I love a little smear of yoghurt and some fresh berries.

For this delicious breakfast, brunch, or dessert :Strawberry orange crepes with nutella Sauce Dorothy’s New Vintage Kitchen


Thanks for dropping in today and I hope you will head over to enjoy these posts in full and save the recipes to share with others… thanks Sally.

33 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – Tuesday 8th June 2021 – Entertaining Again? #Recipes Dolly Aizenman, Eat Dessert First, Dorothy of New Vintage Kitchen.

  1. You got me at “Eat Desert First”. You have the most delicious collection of bloggers, writers and friends where I am warmly welcomed to the table. I love Dolly’s back stories, and enjoyed my virtual trip to Greece to meet up with Giorgos, Eliza and Martina, before meeting up with Dorothy for an extra helping of Nutella Sauce. These virtual meals are the very best!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love feta cheese. This pie sounds yummy.
    You say about the strawberry season beginning. When I was growing up, we looked forward with great anticipation the short seaon of those lovely red berries. Now you can get them all year round it’s not so special anymore. I regret the seasonal eating of the past.

    Liked by 1 person

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