Smorgasbord Cafe and Bookstore – New Book on the Shelves – #Comingofage #Crimethriller – Just Before Sunrise by Carol Balawyder

Delighted to share the news of the latest release by Carol Balawyder – a coming of age crime thriller...Just Before Sunrise

About the book

A coming-of-age story with a domestic noir twist.

Nadine, tired of running her call-girl agency has upgraded to gold digger as she finds the perfect rich widower to marry. Discovering that her wealthy widower is an abuser she seduces his stepson, Charlie, to plot her husband’s murder.

But things don’t go as planned and soon she is turning to her experience hiring young call-girls to find the perfect girl to save her from going to prison…

Homeless Maya is drifting on the streets, grieving the recent loss of her mother.
When she is offered the opportunity to prepare a lake-side house to be used as a half-way home for delinquent girls, she doesn’t think twice.

She soon falls for Charlie, the attractive boy next door, who has a seriously dark side. She is drawn into his murderous schemes, doing anything he asks her to, risking her own safety for the promise of a future with him. When she finds herself party to murder, and she realises he is more concerned with his older female accomplice than with her, she must learn to trust her instincts and use all of her courage to get out of their trap alive.

As a subplot there is the rocky romantic relationship between an older woman and a younger man who become involved in investigating the murder for which young Maya is accused of committing.

Just Before Sunrise is a story about loss and survival. About loneliness, betrayals and deadly desires.

Head over to buy the book: Amazon US –  And: Amazon UK 

A selection of books by Carol Balawyder

A review for Warning Signs

Carol Ballawyder’s Warning Signs (2019) is the saga of Niko Nishevsky, aka Eugene Monroe, a twisted serial killer who is driven to murder vulnerable teenage girls and then examine why he does it. His reasons for killing seem similar to other famous serial killers but maybe not exactly the same:

“I feel no pleasure. No sorrow either, not at the time of the killing. My mind goes into a trance in which the feeling of empathy overwhelms me. It’s not as if another person has invaded me and I have no control over that person. I never feel so much in control as at that moment.”

When the police seem unable to stop him, Niko reaches out to them with a series of notes, hoping to educate them in a way that might assist in their efforts to find him. Unexpectedly, he finds himself drawn to a twenty-something woman who he sees as outside of his pathologic drive to kill, which becomes part of his research: Why others but not her?

As I read this book, I realized it was a completely unique story. Never before have I read the story of a serial killer who dispassionately analyzes his own illness. Ballawyder cites the best literature on the subject, educating me as Niko educates himself on the broken mind of a serial killer:

“He continued with his list. Lack of remorse or shame. “Yes, that’s me. But how does that explain the work of a psychopath?” he asked himself.”

Ballawyder’s writing style is similarly analytic which manages to place me at arm’s length from many of the most disturbing aspects of serial killers. Because of that, where I often have difficulty reading psychological thrillers–because they put me too much into the horrid actions–in this story, I managed to stand aside and watch, away from the blood and horror. I’m not sure I’m saying this as well as I might but the end result was that I found the story easier to read and more enjoyable than many others in this genre.

Ballawyder always writes engaging drama. This book is highly recommended for fans of murder mysteries and psychological thrillers.
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Read reviews and buy the books: Amazon US – And: Amazon UK – Read more reviews : Goodreads – WebsiteCarol BalawyderLinkedIn: Carol Balawyder – Facebook: Carol Balawyder

About Carol Balawyder

I hold an undergraduate degree with a major on English Literature and a graduate degree in Criminology. I taught Criminology in Police Technology and Corrections programs in Montreal. My area of expertise was in drug addiction and I worked in a methadone clinic with heroin addicts. I helped set up a writing workshop for women in prison and worked in halfway homes and drug rehab centers.

My short stories have appeared in Room Magazine, The Canadian Anthology of Fiction, Mindful.or, Between the Lines and Carte Blanche. I was awarded an honorary mention for a play submitted to The Canadian Playwright Competition.

I manage a blog where I write about: Women Nobel Prize Winners for Literature, Famous Writers’ Desks, Femmes Fatales, India, Book Reviews and my dog, Bau. Carol Balawyder Blog


Thanks for dropping in today and it would be great if you could share the news of Carol’s latest release.. thanks Sally.

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  1. Glad to see Carol’s newest book featured here. I can’t wait to dig in. I’ve read and enjoyed all Carol’s books and I know she has been wanting to write a crime thriller for some time, so I’m excited to read her work in another genre. ❤

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