Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – Wednesday 30th June 2021 – #CoverReveal Sarah Brentyn with Marcia Meara, #Review Jacqui Murray, #Inspiration Rebecca Budd

A small selection of posts I have enjoyed over the last few days and I hope you will head over to read them in full.  Thanks Sally.

The first post is from Marcia Meara and her guest today author Sarah Brentyn who has two new covers to share for her flash fiction collections.

I have a special surprise for you folks today! My friend, Sarah Brentyn, has not one but two beautifully redesigned and elegant covers to share with you! But I’ll let her tell you the full story of how they came to be. And here she is:


I Don’t Know How Art Works

To me, art is magic. And I mean that literally. Obviously, figuratively, too, since all creative endeavors are magical. But it’s…I don’t know…weird. I just don’t get it.

Having these covers made was a long process. I asked many, numerous, countless, repetitive, stupid questions along the way. It wasn’t pretty. Like “How do you get the picture from your notebook to the computer screen?” And “What do you mean?” And, “How is that going to turn from a…line thingy…into a shaded flower?” And “What do you mean?” And “How are you going to make that lighter without making the other part darker?” And “What do you mean?” Fortunately, the artist I worked with is a saint with a great deal of patience. (Or, just as likely, sent kind inquiries and tolerant responses while screaming obscenities I couldn’t hear. Yeah. That’s super possible.)

Head over discover the beautiful new covers that Sarah has gifted her two collections: Guest Sarah Brentyn with Marcia Meara

The next post is from Jacqui Murray and shares her review for Keeper Tyree another wonderful western from Sandra Cox who is also on my list of favourite authors..

 Sandra Cox–Western Author Extraordinaire

Sandra Cox is fast becoming my go-to Western author. I’ve loved all of her Westerns (click for my reviews of Gwen Slade and TumbleStar ) but this one–Keeper Tyree (2021)–may well be my favorite.

Head over to read Jacqui’s review for this latest book from Sandra Cox: Jacqui Murray’s review for Keeper Tyree by Sandra Cox

The final post today is from Rebecca Budd and share the inspiring story of a journey that encompassed thousands of miles in a wheelchair in 1985 to raise awareness of spinal injury.. The man in question sparked research that has benefited others who have faced this devastating and life-changing injury.

Man in Motion

I honestly believe that my best work is in front, not behind me. I am driven by a deep passion and need to make a difference and leave this world a little better than when I arrived. That’s what keeps me going.Rick Hansen

Whenever I pass by the grounds of the Vancouver Hospital, I stop by the commemorative sculpture of Rick Hansen’s “Man in Motion” sculpture and think back to 1985, when it all started.

In 1985, Don and I were living in Kitsilano area of Vancouver close to the Fogg N’ Suds pub that we frequented on a regular basis. Rick Hansen was an unknown to us – that is until a huge map of the world greeted us at the Fogg N’ Suds entrance in early 1985. That is when we first heard about Rick Hansen and his Man in Motion Tour.

Head over to read the rest of this wonderful post and also the comments that contain other interesting snippets about Rick Hansen and his inspiring crusade: Lady Budd – Man in Motion Rick Hansen

Thank you for dropping in today and I hope you will head over to read these posts in full.. thanks Sally.

22 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – Wednesday 30th June 2021 – #CoverReveal Sarah Brentyn with Marcia Meara, #Review Jacqui Murray, #Inspiration Rebecca Budd

  1. Thanks for including Sarah’s post on The Write Stuff in this wonderful group, Sally. It was great fun to have her on the blog, and I’m happy to see her hard work being shared! As always, you ROCK! 🙂 ❤

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