Thursday – A Little Personal – The Birthday Tree Arrives

Head over to celebrate the arrival of a wonderful tree to celebrate the 80th birthday of John Howel.. You will be given a guided tour by two of his girls who might just be hoping for some cake too.. Happy Birthday John.. keep rockin’

Fiction Favorites

Twiggy and Lucy barking

“Lucy. Do you see what I see?”

“I do, Little One. Looks like a monster truck to me.”

“You are right. What the heck is it doing here?”

“Looks like they are going to plant the Boss’s  birthday tree.”

Tree crew at work

“It is about time. Do they know what they are doing?”

“Yup. Mom went out there and gave them their instructions.”

“Why are they digging so much. The hole was already done.”

“The tree needed to have the best side out. That means making a diagonal hole out of a square.”

Lucy and Twiggy

“Come see this, Lucy.”


“It looks great, doesn’t it?”

“It sure does.”

“I have to wonder where those guys went.”

“Why? You think they’ll come back, Lucy?”

“You never know. Sometimes they do.”

“Why would they come back?”

“What if they dropped off the wrong tree.”

“You think Mom would allow that?”

“I suppose you are right. Looks like…

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