In my Kitchen…Starting at the beginning…Feeding Baby…

Carol Taylor is cooking from scratch for babies… once they get to a few months old and are able to eat pureed food, it is cheaper and healthier to make their meals rather thank buy expensive industrial baby food with additives that might be harmful.. Head over to read Carol’s post and share as far and wide as possible.

Retired? No one told me!

As you know I cook almost everything from scratch…my children and grandchildren are not babies anymore they eat the same as the family eats…As you know on Wednesday I published my Environmental A-Z…It was the letter L…One of the topics was LEAD…These toxic metals can harm neurological development and are linked to autism and ADHD in children.

I was absolutely horrified to discover that after all the warnings over the last 10 years or more about lead and the effect that even a small amount can have on a developing brain…those precious brains of our children and grandchildren…it can still be found in processed baby foods…

I know that family units have broken down in many cultures now and good eating habits are not passed down…Like my mother passed them down to me…

However…baby food is one of the simplest of foods to make …making our own baby…

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5 thoughts on “In my Kitchen…Starting at the beginning…Feeding Baby…

  1. Great article from Carol. My daughter started early for her kids to eat what the family eats. The only thing she buys is the organic apple sauce pouches that she takes when going for a walk or driving. It’s easier for the kids to eat from smashed to bigger chunks of family food also when they are used to the taste.

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