Meet Guest Author, Sharon Marchisello…

A wonderful guest post by Sharon Marchisello today hosted by The Story Reading Ape.. Sharon shares her writing journey through a number of interesting encounters and mix of genres all whilst circling the globe working for an airline.. Head over to enjoy reading and I can highly recommend Secrets of the Galapagos and delighted to hear there is a sequel coming..

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My name is Sharon Marchisello, and I’m a writer. Sounds like the mandatory confession at the beginning of a 12-step program. Except writing is a habit I don’t want to break; it’s what keeps me sane.

I always knew I was a writer. Even before I could spell my name, I entertained myself with stories after my parents put me to bed long before I was sleepy.

Writing fiction enabled me to create a world where I was in control. My heroines were prettier and smarter, and they succeeded where I failed, always firing off that zinger at exactly the right moment. If someone was mean to me, I‘d create a character in their likeness and make bad things happen to them.

I wrote short stories all through school, and although I received praise from teachers and peers, I got nothing but rejection letters when I submitted them…

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18 thoughts on “Meet Guest Author, Sharon Marchisello…

  1. Sally, thanks for sharing this! Sharon has such an interesting history and path to writing/publishing! I love mysteries, and am heading back to he original blog to pick one of hers up. I see Sharon commenting on many posts and its nice to see her in the spotlight today.

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