Smorgasbord Blog Magazine – Book Marketing and PR for authors – Who are you writing your book for by Sally Cronin

I am creating a series of short podcasts based on the book marketing and public relations series and I am beginning with some recordings I made for radio that are still relevant today and will lead into the rest of the series in coming weeks.

This first podcast explores the expectations of readers within your genre or sub-genre and how that might be impacted by your biography.

Thanks for dropping in and your comments are very welcome. You can listen to more podcasts on Sally Cronin on Soundcloud

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I am an author too and here are my current books available on Amazon, and Smashwords. I have also included some of the reviews for the books on Amazon and by bloggers. The icing on the cake..

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My latest book is a collection of poetry and was published on July 19th 2021

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34 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Blog Magazine – Book Marketing and PR for authors – Who are you writing your book for by Sally Cronin

  1. Excellent audio quality, Sally — and I’m sure the advice is sound for most writers. Speaking strictly for myself, however, I write what inspires me. I write books that I would want to read. I don’t try to target a specific group or demographic. I don’t expect to get rich from a book. And my expectations are always met.

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  2. I enjoyed listening to your podcast, Sally. Consideration of one’s audience is such a huge factor. I played around in my mind with who I would target before I began writing, and I narrowed it down to the audience I know best—middle grades. After teaching and reading to them for many years, I know what they like and the kind of humor that appeals to them. I specifically am targeting boys as I don’t think there are enough good books for them.

    Did you need any special equipment to make these podcasts?

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    • Thanks Pete, pleased you enjoyed and I agree there does not seem to be as many children’s books for boys so definitely a great move on your part, especially as narrowing down the parameters of your genre does mean that you have a chance to be noticed. The other area apart from genre is to make sure you upload the key words that are specific. There are seven boxes that you can fill in on Amazon and you can use more than 1 word and in fact 3 is better. I have a studio set up with audio sound proofing and a professional recording microphone.. echo is the biggest problem. I can usually do a review or a 5 min podcast straight through but Anchor for example has an editing option that is useful.. xxx

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      • Great information. I’ve been told that I have a good radio voice. I used to read the local newspaper over the airwaves for those with a visual disability.

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      • That’s great Pete..and much appreciated I am sure. Before I got into radio presenting I recorded messages for call centres and adverts for companies and I would be driving along and suddenly hear myself touting the benefits of some products I would not touch with a barge pole.. Audio books etc are on the increase as people have busier lives and it will be interesting to see where it goes in years to come.. xx

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  3. Good, clear advice and professionally delivered! I do my audio recording in a spare bedroom that isn’t soundproofed. I can only do it in the dead of night when there’s no traffic, and before the dawn chorus. Wind, rain and a rumbling stomach also stopped play… You have the perfect voice for podcasts!

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