A Tribute to One of My Role Models

Role models are very special people who come into our lives it seems at the right time to influence us. Pete Springer shares the story of someone he considers made a difference to the way his life unfolded when she entered his life in his late teens. A terrific post that reminds us all that millions made the journeys to our shores in search of a better life, enduring multiple hardships but ended up offering us something special.. head over to enjoy the post.

Pete Springer

Happy Birthday to One of My Role Models—Val Arizzi

Bravery is usually associated with those who potentially risk their lives each day for us, such as soldiers, police officers, and firefighters. There is no question that we should be grateful for their sacrifices to help keep us safe, but bravery can come in many forms besides those professions.

Some of the most courageous stories that I know of involve immigrants. How fearless do you have to be to come to another country, not speaking the language, knowing very few people, all hoping to improve your family’s life?

One such story involves that of the Arizzi family.  Virgilio Arizzi left Genoa, Italy, in 1955 with a dream to create a new life for himself and his family in the United States.  He settled in Elk River and went to work for the Senestraro family, who had previously come to America…

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26 thoughts on “A Tribute to One of My Role Models

  1. Thank you so much for the reblog, Sally. I couldn’t tell the story of how Val has impacted my life without describing her family’s journey to America. It’s always bothered me to see the level of distrust and fear toward others simply because they come from another place with differences in language, religion, or culture. Instead of being frightened, we should embrace and appreciate these differences.

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  2. I absolutely loved Pete’s post. Role models are incredibly important, and the journeys many people have taken to come to America are humbling and worthy of recognition. Val is clearly one of those great people. Thank you for sharing Pete’s excellent and important post, Sally.

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