Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – Thursday August 19th 2021 – #Forgiveness Jan Sikes, #Environment #Waste Carol Taylor, #Elephants Patricia Furstenberg

A small selection of posts I have enjoyed over the last few days and I hope you will head over to read in full.. thanks Sally.

The first post is from Jan Sikes who explores the guilt we can carry around that we feel requires forgiveness…And a very Happy Birthday to Jan as she heads into a special birthday weekend.

Mistakes – Can you forgive yourself?

Sunrise photo by Jan Sikes

Alexander Pope lived in the Augustian Era and was obviously a deep thinker and a poet. But those words he wrote in the 1600s still ring true today.

Are there mistakes you’ve made in your life that continue to haunt you, cause tears and anguish, and you wish with all your heart you could get a do-over?

For me, there is. And just when I think I’ve let go and forgiven myself, up it jumps again and I start all over with the process. So, maybe it will help to voice one of the mistakes that I continually feel heavy guilt for. Maybe in sharing it, I can be done.

During the twenty-five years that Rick and I were married, he worked tirelessly to create a home. Of course, I worked alongside him, but it was through his vision, perseverance, and hard manual labor, we managed to put together quite a compound where people gathered, where music was played, and where dreams were nurtured.

Head over to read the rest of the story and find the source of the guilt that Jan experienced: Jan Sikes – Mistakes can you forgive yourself

The next post is from Carol Taylor and is part of her Environmental A-Z with the letter ‘N’.  Waste is something that is created not just by humans but by massive corporations and industries feeding this greedy machine of modern life. However, whilst some might create ugly and smelly landfills, others have a toxic impact on both the earth’s health and our own. Well worth reading.

Welcome to my Environmental A-Z…

The idea for this series came about because as my regular followers and commenters know I am passionate about the health of the world I am living in… however often when I am researching and reading articles I come across terms and words I don’t know and have to look them up which spawned the idea for this…two-fold… it increases my knowledge and I hope yours…

The A-Z of the environment and Climate Change… letter N.

Researching the letter N made me come to the conclusion that all our senses are under attack… our very existence… we are being assaulted on all fronts …I can count not just on one hand but on two..toes next… soon I will need a few more digits of people in my immediate family and friends who are suffering, undergoing treatment, dying or dead… not from Covid although there is that but from Cancer…my son thinks it is because we live longer and are more aware…

I think that may be one of the factors but I also believe that it is because of what is in the air and around us, the soil, the food we eat, the cosmetics we buy… the list is endless that therein lies the problem we need to urgently supply solutions.

Head over to read this highly informative post about an issue that impacts us all: Carol Taylor — The Environmental A-Z…the letter N…Nuclear Waste…

The next post is from author Patricia Furstenberg and pays tribute to the mighty elephant with a story to enjoy as well. It was first posted in 2020 but is shared again this week. In Afrikaans and English..

Die Reusagtige Olifant, The Giant Elephant and the Rain

The birth of an elephant calf is a special event in the life of a herd of elephants. The entire herd usually comes to assist, and the mother has real elephant – midwives who assist and support her.

When he is born, the calf can weigh up to a hundred kilograms. It sounds like a lot, but an adult elephant has a mass of almost five thousand kilograms, which makes it the world’s largest land animal.

For the first few weeks of its life the baby elephant is quite helpless, and he doesn’t even uses his trunk. Elephants use their trunk, that’s nothing but a long nose, to pick up food and deposit it into their mouth.  

Head over to enjoy the wonderful images and story : Patricia Furstenberg – Giant Elephant


Thanks for dropping by today and I hope you will head over to enjoy the posts in full..thanks Sally.

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  1. Three great posts. Interesting to learn the life of the elephant from Pat, and Carol’s excellent post on what’s going on with eco-friendly products. I’d already enjoyed Jan’s fantastic post. ❤

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