No signal

A post that carries some important messages. Nobody likes to think that they will be too incapacitated to be able to manage their own affairs but if you are living alone you can take some relatively simple steps to ensure someone with your best interests at heart is going to speak for you and to handle your affairs. Jessica has been on a break doing just that and by sharing her experience and also some recommended reading on the subjec of strokes she offers us some insights and ‘to do’ processes. Head over to read..

Words and Fictions

In last night’s disturbing dream my phone was useless and I couldn’t communicate. Partner said: “Good premise for a crime novel.” I don’t want to write a crime novel, but as always a title came straight to mind. No signal covers 1) my blog hiatus 2) the rural disadvantage of partner’s house 3) physical and metaphorical aspects of lockdown, and 4) the event that stopped me blogging much and writing at all.

In January a dear relation, not elderly, had a stroke clinicians labelled catastrophic, overnight losing independence and professional, social and cultural involvement to massive brain damage, semi paralysis, and total speech loss. For weeks she had “no signal”. Now she smiles, shrugs, raises her eyebrows, taps one hand, and cries.

For two months we could barely signal back. Covid allowed only three hospital visits, justified to management as therapeutic. Discharge was to an understaffed, pack-em-in uncare home with…

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21 thoughts on “No signal

  1. Thanks for the reblog Sally. Yes, I’ve become evangelistic about recognising signs of stroke and about registering LPAs even if you hope you’ll never have to use them. Hope this post helps someone somewhere, although interesting to note UK and USA “signs of stroke” posters are in some ways different.

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