Autumn With An Author: Sally Cronin

I was very honoured to be invited by interior and fashion designer Valentina Cirasola to be her guest in her new series of author interviews. Valentina asked some interesting and thought provoking questions and I look forward to meeting her other guests in coming weeks. Please head over to read and also find out more about Valentina’s work and her books promoting colour in our lives. Thanks Sally.

Valentina Expressions

This coming fall I will host quite a number of successful authors, whose colorful writing I admire. We will be in the company of their thoughts and what drives them to write. We will also get to know their characters as people.
Without further ado, here is beautiful Sally Cronin from Ireland.

Author Sally Cronin

1. In your writing you often ponder on life’s events and situations.Life’s Rich Tapestry, Life Is Like A Bowl Of Cherries, Life Is Like A Mosaic have a common denominator: the harmonious rhythm of life.Tell me your thoughts.

There is a rhythm to life and everything in this world from weather to the smallest creature. There are highs and lows within that rhythm, and whilst we may like to think we are in control, it is only partly true. If lucky we survive the lows and learn from them, and appreciate the high points…

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43 thoughts on “Autumn With An Author: Sally Cronin

  1. Hi, I am replying to this via email on my phone. I hope you see this comment. A very lovely interview. I will be sharing to my blog as soon as I am back online. Have an awesome day.

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  2. That was one of the better interviews I’ve read in a while as Valentina asked some very interesting questions. I enjoyed reading your responses, Sally.

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  3. I left comment at Valentina’s blog Sal. Fantabulous interview, and I totally think we had parallel lives in different ways and characters, and you know, sisters from another mother. 🙂 ❤

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  4. Sally, I have my rhythm these days, I have to pace myself and I get to various things in a sort of relaxed time. Thanks again for being the first to open my new series Autumn With An Author. I will cheer on your success.

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