Smorgasbord Afternoon Video Rewind– a small horse – beautiful and a great bond with his trainer

Meet Jesse Drent and his adorable Macho… what an adorable double act.  Lots more to enjoy by clicking on the link.

25 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Afternoon Video Rewind– a small horse – beautiful and a great bond with his trainer

  1. I’m supposed to be digging my way out of the hole I’m in, having fallen so far behind on … well … EVERYTHING, since COVID came to call. But then I saw this come up in my email and just had to stop and check it out immediately. I’m so glad I did, Sally! This video really touched my heart. It was just beautiful, and I’ll be smiling all day now, remembering it.

    Still ROCKIN’ over there, my friend! And I’m still enjoying it over here! 🤗💗

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  2. Ah Shetland ponies are just adorable. Lol- do you know why they grew so small. This question brings into play the “Jura” Mammoth skeletons. T’was all a question of food and evolution. As the ice age receded and the waters rose the Scot’s islands grew smaller. The horses, cattle and mammoths grew smaller as those that were “little” found enough to eat and survive whilst their (mammoth) big brethren could not find enough food and died out. Size did matter and the smaller the better. The woolly mammoth skeletons found on the Isle of Jura are barely five feet tall, despite the hair and tusks. They survived long after the larger species met a sad demise. Lol- didn’t know if anyone would be interested but…..

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