Sleep Induced Music, My own SIM Card

I was caught up with ‘things’ today so late in my visit to David Prosser’s weekly music post so since the subject is sleep and I am about to do just that… I am leaving you with some great tracks and those of you who still have half a day ahead of you can boogie….


Over the years I’ve found I need less and less sleep. Sometimes I don’t even get to bed and might nod off over my keyboard (hopefully not using it) and wake 2 hours later with a crick in my neck. Some nights I do go to bed but find my leg won’t stop itching so it’s a battle to stop me scritching. Oft times it’s the whirling of my mind that won’t let me sleep and sometimes on those occasions I try and break up my thoughts with music. The music chooses me not the other way round. On a Monday night I very often don’t get to sleep at all as I travel to another Country (an hour and a half on the bus with an escort) the bus is at 6.30 am then I sit in a cafe until my daughter arrives with the grandchildren on their way…

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