Smorgasbord Book Reviews – #Dogs #Mountains #Humour – Olive, Mabel and Me: Life and Adventures with Two Very Good Dogs by Andrew Cotter

This week my review is for a book that caught my attention when viewing a series of delightful videos on Youtube about the wonderful pair of labradors who entertain and endear themselves to millions. Olive and Mabel & Me: Life and Adventures with Two Very Good Dogs… by Andrew Cotter

About the book

OLIVE & MABEL: two of the internet’s favourite dogs!
ANDREW COTTER: one of our best-loved commentators.

Olive and Mabel are the Labradors that broke the internet. With more than 50 million views on social media, Andrew Cotter’s brilliant commentaries on videos of his Labradors have resonated with dog owners and sports fans around the world, giving us all something to smile about in this most testing of years, as Olive and Mabel entertained us with their Dinner Contest, Game of Bones, Zoom Meeting, Online Dating and more over the last six months.

Now, in OLIVE, MABEL & ME, Andrew tells the heart-warming story of life with his two famous Labradors. This is the full story of their unexpected rise to internet stardom, their lives together, how the dogs are dealing with their new-found fame (celebrity fans, more offers of biscuits etc), and how trips to the beaches and the mountains help them all find peace and happiness away from a hectic world.

Above all, OLIVE, MABEL & ME is a book about the love we have for our dogs and the companionship and joy they bring. And about how we can all benefit from being just a little bit more Labrador…

Brilliantly observed, touching and laugh-out-loud funny, OLIVE, MABEL & ME is a treat for dog lovers everywhere.

My review for the book 11th September 2021

I have to admit that watching Olive and Mabel on YouTube, with a commentary by their owner Andrew Cotter is a guilty pleasure. One that during the last 18 months in particularly, has offered a wonderful few minutes of escapism away from the world’s woes. When I saw there was a book about these two Internet stars and their versatile sports commentator companion, I leapt at the chance to discover more about their joint backgrounds.

As a dog lover I really appreciated the humourous and accurate summation of a dog’s approach to life, in particular to food, walks, toys and rolling in all things aromatic. General observations aside, it was the difference in the natures of Olive and Mabel that brought them to life especially, in their approaches to adventure.

Of these there are plenty as Andrew Cotter is a dedicated mountain man, not only in his native Scotland that offers some magnificent climbing opportunities across the seasons, but also when commentating abroad in places such as Australia and Japan where challenges presented themselves. Whilst happy to scale the summits alone far from the madding crowd, Andrew clearly considers hours spent in the mountains with Olive and Mabel, up to their hollyhocks in snow his greatest pleasure. If you are considering visiting Scotland for some climbing then you will find this a useful guide.

For anyone who is considering bringing a dog in to their home there is an excellent chapter about making the right decision about breed, temperament and happiness of this important new family member, never more so than during the pandemic when suddenly everyone wanted a puppy or cat. Some without thought to how a return to more normal working hours and routine would impact their pet, accustomed to having a family around them 24/7.

Apart from mountaineering, other adventures include the wonder of beaches, love of water; a labrador’s favoured habitat, assorted accomodations from small cottages to exclusive hotels. Not to mention the navigation of clearly dangerous, and to be avoided floor compositions and unacceptable coverings.

There is also a reminder of other remarkable dogs through time who have proved to be man’s best friend and have followed their masters unquestioningly. These include Andrew Cotter’s family dogs as he grew up, who all had very distinctive characters and have chapters dedicated to them.

The author has done an amazing job in bringing Olive and Mabel from the exulted status of stars of the computer screen into our lives as the two adorable and much loved companions they are. I recommend the book to all dog lovers, and those who seek the wonder of being on top of the world in the mountains.

Read some of the over 2000 reviews and buy the book: Amazon UK –  And: Amazon US – More reviews: Goodreads

Watch the videos of Olive and Mabel: YouTube

New book being released on October 7th 2021: Amazon UK

An image posted by the author.

About Andrew Cotter – TV Newsroom UK

Andrew Cotter is one of the most recognised voices across BBC radio and television’s coverage of golf, rugby and tennis.

Originally a presenter of sports bulletins on BBC Radio 5 live, as well as Radio 1, 2 and 4, Andrew went on to become a sports presenter on the BBC News Channel, while at the same time building a career commentating on golf and rugby for BBC radio and television, working on major events including the Six Nations, Ryder Cup, The US Masters, US Open and USPGA.

Andrew began his broadcasting career in commercial radio in his native Scotland, going on to work for Sky News before joining the BBC in 2000.


Thanks for dropping in today and if you, like me are a fan of Olive and Mabel.. and their companion, I hope you will head over to buy the book. Thanks Sally.



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  2. Thanks for putting this on my radar, Sally. I’ve loved dogs my whole life, and the Olive and Mabel YouTube videos are some of my favorites. I had no idea there was a book. Adding this one to my ever-growing TBR list.

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  3. As a complete pushover for dogs of all strips and owner of many over the years, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the adventures of Olive and Mabel. Reading about them and their owner would be a treat! Sounds like a great read!

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