Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – Tuesday October 5th 2021- #Connections Jane Sturgeon, #Cats Nikki Fries, #Food Carol Taylor, #Launch Chris Hall and Elizabeth Gauffreau, #Revews Diana Peach

A small selection of posts I have enjoyed in the last few days and I hope you will head over to enjoy in full.. thanks Sally.

The first post today is from Jane Sturgeon who shares the sadness associated when a connection is broken and faces challenges to repair.

Connection Breakdown…

In our lives, aided by technology, information is shared in a heartbeat and judgment is rife. Labels are attached, assumptions are made and division and discord are created. We are all witnessing this unfolding on the world stage and closer to home.

It may be naive to ask that we care for each other and flow with kindness wherever we can, but never have we needed it more than now.

My way is to see a ‘micro’ event and then step back to see how this is playing out through the collective on a global scale. I sense and feel a loss of kindness and respect for each other and a ducking of personal responsibility that is breathtaking, especially by those in positions of power.

In my circle, I am witnessing a loving soul’s character get intentionally shredded through a series of lies and unnecessary drama. It is hard to know how to handle the onslaught and aim for a loving resolution.

Head over to read the rest of Jane’s post as she explores this issue: Jane Sturgeon Connection Breakdown

The next post is from pet industry copywriter Nikki Fries and is a reminder that it is National Cat Day on October 29th in USA.. and she also shares some special treats you might consider getting in for the occasion..I know many of you are cat lovers and this might give you some ideas…


Did you Celebrate on National Dog’s Day? and When is National Cat’s Day?

If you celebrated with your pooch you get a big thumb’s up. This past Thursday was National Dog’s Day and there are so many ways to give your furry friend an extra nice day.

How about an extra long walk and at an off-leash spot. Or a special treat topper on your pal’s food. A great new toy or take some time to teach a new trick or special command. A run thru the sprinkler is good too. A home cooked meal like fresh chicken…yum!

Here’s a connect to some fun doggy ideas for you from Big Geek Daddy: Useful Dog Hacks

National Cat Day is coming right up in October…October 29th here in the USA. It is noted that this day was started to bring awareness for cat adoptions.

Photo by Inge Wallumru00f8d on

Head over to find out more about the background to this special day for felines: Nikki Fries – National Cat Day USA

Keep up to date with the environment, and radon, cook the perfect Hasselback potatoes and Lancashire hotpot, listen to great music and visit Brighton Pier….and fishing with Carol Taylor 

Welcome to the round-up of posts you might have missed this week on CarolCooks2… Time is marching on we have now entered the beginning of October…the month for Halloween Festivities… where the last of the summer sun for some of us is on the wane and where for others spring has sprung…Soups and salads are on the tables around the world…for some, the leaves are starting to turn into glorious shades of oranges and reds elsewhere the spring bulbs and beautiful flowers are unfurling their leaves and petals both showing how beautiful this world is in its changes of seasons…

Some snippets of upcoming festivities in October around the world?

Head over to enjoy Carol’s weekly round up in full: September 26th-October 2nd 2021…Environmental A-Z, Hasselback Potatoes, Lancashire Hotpot, Radon, Cardiovascular Disease, Music and Brighton Pier

The next post is one of the book launch posts to celebrate the release of Elizabeth Gauffreau’s poetry collection – Grief Songs…hosted by Chris Hall on Lunas online.

Elizabeth Gauffreau is on the Launch Pad!

Elizabeth Gauffreau and her new poetry book, Grief Songs

It’s my great pleasure to welcome Elizabeth Gauffreau to this month’s Launch Pad spot. Like me, you may already be familiar with Liz through her blog, and others of you will know her through her wonderful novel, Telling Sonny, a book I thoroughly enjoyed when I read it earlier this year.

So, let’s find out a little bit more about her. We’ll start with her official author bio:

Elizabeth Gauffreau writes fiction and poetry with a strong connection to family and place. She holds a BA in English/Writing from Old Dominion University and an MA in English/Fiction Writing from the University of New Hampshire. After a misbegotten stint teaching high school English and Latin, she spent her career in nontraditional higher education. 

Head over to enjoy this book launch post in full with Chris Hall: Elizabeth Gauffreau is on the launch pad

And now for a wonderful selection of books as Diana Peach shares her September reviews with some familiar faces in the line-up…including D.G. Kaye, Teagan Geneviene, Darlene Foster, Sandra Cox, Deborah Jay and Elizabeth Gauffreau..

September flew by, didn’t it?

These are all great reads, so don’t ask me to pick a favorite. Enjoy a beautiful October. And Happy Reading.

September book reviews include my 4 and 5 star reads of poetry, fantasy, western romance, sci-fi, a memoir, and a middle-grade book.

Head over to read Diana’s reviews for this wonderful range of books: September Book Reviews Diana Peach


Thanks for dropping in today and I hope you will head over to enjoy in full.. thanks Sally.

44 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – Tuesday October 5th 2021- #Connections Jane Sturgeon, #Cats Nikki Fries, #Food Carol Taylor, #Launch Chris Hall and Elizabeth Gauffreau, #Revews Diana Peach

  1. Thanks Sally, You just sent me over to some blogs I had missed over the past week. Jane is so spot on about the ugliness of malicious lies. The beautiful thing about our cadre of bloggers here is that we all are such great supporters of each other – spreading light and knowledge about all the talent “out there.”

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  2. Thanks again for sharing the book reviews, Sally, and for the lovely way you present the covers. I appreciate that extra step. And I missed all of the other posts, so some visits ahead for me. Thanks for all the recommendations! Have an awesome day, my friend. I’ll be back soon. 🙂

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  3. Hi Sally,
    I’m delighted that More than Coffee was included with such a fabulous group of authors, so I’m humbled to be here on your blog as well. Thanks for sharing Diana’s post and I look forward to visiting the other blogs you’ve highlighted.
    ~Lauren 💗


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