Smorgasbord Cafe and Bookstore – New Book on the Shelves – #Paranormal, #UrbanFantasy, #Shortstories -Things Old and Forgotten by Mae Clair

Delighted to share the news of the latest release by Mae Clair – Things Old and Forgotten

About the book

A man keeping King Arthur’s dream of Camelot alive.
A Robin Hood battling in a drastically different Sherwood.
A young man facing eternity in the desert.
A genteel southern lady besting a powerful order of genies.
A woman meeting her father decades after his death.

These are but a few of the intriguing tales waiting to be discovered in Things Old and Forgotten. Prepare to be transported to realms of folklore and legend, where magic and wonder linger around every corner, and fantastic possibilities are limited only by imagination.

An early review for the stories

writester 5.0 out of 5 stars Impossible to Pick a Favorite  Reviewed in the United States on October 5, 2021

Talk about a journey to worlds beyond the borders of imagination. Mae Clair pens a collection of mystical, magical tales that catapult the reader to realms never conceived of, yet they’re intimately familiar. It’s so easy to see yourself walking in these lands and talking with the characters—probably because her writing is so vivid and powerful, you can’t help but be drawn into her work.

Clair possesses a rare ability to craft beautiful sentences without crossing the line to purple prose. Her plots are intricate yet never convoluted or contrived. And her characters are always rich and three dimensional.

This collection of stories boasts several pieces that resonate with me. Some are light-hearted, others are more serious in nature, but all make an impact. Of particular note (to me) are Robin of Sherwood, Desert White, Miss Lily Makes a Wish, and I’ve Got a Plan, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t call attention to Father’s Day, a story that touched my heart and I know I’ll never forget.

I’m certain there’s a story in this collection for any reader, and I hope everyone gives Things Old and Forgotten a chance. It’s an easy five-star recommendation from me.

Head over to buy the collection: Amazon USAnd: Amazon UK

A selection of other books by Mae Clair

Read the reviews and buy the books: Amazon US – And : Amazon UK – Follow Mae on: Goodreads Website: Mae Clair – Twitter: @MaeClair1

About Mae Clair

A member of the Mystery Writers of America and International Thriller Writers, Mae Clair is also a founding member and contributor to the award-winning writing blog, Story Empire. She has achieved bestseller status on both Amazon and Barnes & Noble, with several of her novels chosen as book club selections.

Mae writes primarily in the mystery/suspense genre, flavoring her plots with elements of urban legend and folklore. Married to her high school sweetheart, she lives in Pennsylvania and is passionate about cryptozoology, old photographs, a good Maine lobster tail, and cats.


Thanks for dropping in today and I hope you will be leaving with some books.. thanks Sally.

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    • Thank you, Harmony. I love that everyone has been enjoying the stories. Short fiction is a nice change of pace for both writers and readers. I’m so glad you enjoyed my tales!

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  2. I absolutely loved this collection of stories. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I tried it in my review. I highly recommend this for an eclectic blend of stories with Mae’s signature writer’s voice! Thank you for spotlighting Things Old and Forgotten, Sally!

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    • Thank you for that lovely recommendation, Jan. I wasn’t sure how short fiction would go over, but writing a collection like this is definitely something I would do again. I’m delighted you enjoyed my stories!

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  3. Congratulations, Mae! I thoroughly enjoyed Things Old and Forgotten and will post a review today. Sally, thank you for showcasing Mae and her latest. 💗

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  4. I read an excerpt from this collection on Marcia’s blog a few minutes ago and went straight over to Amazon and bought a copy – it was a measly 77p! I’m a very happy bunny. xx

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  5. Like many others, this one’s waiting for me. Looking forward to getting to this based on the reviews I’ve seen.

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  6. It’s lovely to see Mae’s new book on the shelf of your bookstore, Sally. I agree with the fabulous review and that Mae’s characters are always rich and three-dimensional. I’m reading this book right now.

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  7. Have this one on my Kindle, and I’ve really been enjoying the excerpts on Mae’s blog tour. Congrats on the review, Mae – thanks for featuring Things Old and Forgotten, Sally!

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  8. Sounds lovely Sally. Wonderful review. I love Mae Clair’s books and just downloaded my copy. Look forward to reading. Love short stories! Thanks for featuring talented Mae here. Best of luck and success to Mae!

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