Smorgasbord Cafe and Bookstore Update – #History #NorthernIreland Jane Buckley, #Mystery James J. Cudney, #SouthernCulture Claire Fullerton

Welcome to the Wednesday edition of the Cafe and Bookstore update with recent reviews for authors on the shelves.

The first review is for the latest release by Jane Buckley – Stones Corner: Darkness the sequel to Stones Corner: Turmoil.

About the Book

From Turmoil to Darkness, an unapologetic account of the darkest years of ‘The Troubles’ in Northern Ireland.

Darkness follows the next instalment from author Jane Buckley’s Stones Corner, Turmoil.

Relive the harrowing and very troubled years of the early ’70s, considered the darkest years of the Troubles in Northern Ireland. Following on from the catastrophic fall-out from the doomed Derry City Hotel meeting, the impact of the disaster has far reaching consequences for communities already divided and distrustful of each other.

Following the lives of so many, from the wealthy, vibrant James Henderson to the love-struck factory girl Caitlin McLaughlin and her family, you cannot help but be drawn in and empathise with the civilians caught up in a raging unrelentless war they want no part in.

All the while the guerrilla war in the province gains momentum as it extends to mainland Britain and the Irish Republic. Darkness takes us from the dank hellhole of the overpopulated Victorian Armagh Women’s Gaol to London’s lavish, opulent private clubs.

An unmerciful and harrowing tale, it endeavours to illustrate what life was like for Ulster’s war-torn, sectarian communities. It captures a story of conflict, survival of the fittest, and victims who attempt to live and love against a background of chaos and carnage.

Hope is deemed lost and forgotten until the power of love, truth, and justice steps in to create Light and a new beginning.

One of the recent reviews for the book on Goodreads

Sep 29, 2021 Roisin rated it Five Stars it was amazing

Thank goodness to get the next installment in the Stones Corner series- it was absolutely worth the wait!!! Once again, I could not put this book down as we find out what happens to our favourite characters after the explosive finale of Stones Corner- Turmoil.

The author weaves her magic by introducing new characters and plots without making the reader feel lost in the story line. The book has obviously been meticulously researched giving the reader an understanding of Derry’s, and indeed Northern Ireland’s, troubled past.

Be prepared for another emotional rollercoaster as the storyline unfolds and you get caught up in the lives of the familiar (and new) characters.

Once again, I’m left wanting more and I cannot wait for Stones Corner- Hope. Another fabulous offering from the author who’s passion and love for Derry and it’s people is clearly shown in this absolute page turner!! Well done!!!

Also by Jane Buckley

Read the reviews and buy the book: Amazon UK – And: Amazon USFollow Jane:Goodreads – website: Jane Buckley Writes – Facebook:Jane Buckley Writes – Twitter:@janebuckley_sc

The first author today is James J. Cudney with a review for Legally Blind Luck (book 7 the Braxton Campus Mysteries)

About the book

Surprising new family members. A hidden talisman. Deadly curses. Horrific murder. Months after tragically losing a loved one, Kellan learns his relative’s death wasn’t an accident.

Someone discovered Queen Tessa’s cursed talisman, and a rogue government agent will stop at nothing to retrieve the heirloom. Too bad it changed hands during an anonymous auction and found its way on campus. Moments before Braxton’s controversial art exhibition opens, Kellan stumbles upon another murder victim. It appears he might be next on the avenger’s list too.

Will Kellan protect Tessa’s true heir and prevent a killer’s nefarious plan from ending the curse? Given all the suspects have ties to prominent Braxton citizens, he’s uncertain whom to trust. Together, Kellan and Sheriff April are determined to solve the mystery via legal means or purely through blind luck.

One of the recent reviews for the book

Kindle Customer 5.0 out of 5 stars Will Kellan be able to save his cousin?  Reviewed in the United States on September 29, 2021

I’ve read several books by this author and he never disappoints. Once again murder strikes at the Braxton Campus and Kellan begins his search for the murderer. As usual, everything is complicated by family members. Kellan’s Uncle Zack was murdered by an auto exploding and Nana D is in absolute misery. Kellan has Uncle Zack’s son Ulan and is raising him along with his daughter. The African talisman is missing. It has a curse, but someone really wants it and wants to destroy it and the family members it belongs to.

They have to do this or die at the age of 50. It is sort of a puzzle how a talisman from South African can have so many people in New England involved with it is a mystery in itself, but don’t let that spoil your fun. Kellan’s love is the local law, but the F. B. I. may be taking over. Who is the mystery woman with the dark glasses? And the finish comes down to Kellan trying to protect the mystery woman and his cousin from South Africa. Then a man thought to be long dead shows up.  

A selection of other books by James J. Cudney

Read the reviews and buy the books: Amazon US and: Amazon UKWebsite/Blog: This is my truth nowGoodreads: James J. Cudney – Twitter: @Jamescudney4

The final author today is Claire Fullerton with a review for her novel Little Tea.

About the book.

Southern Culture … Old Friendships … Family Tragedy

One phone call from Renny to come home and “see about” the capricious Ava and Celia Wakefield decides to overlook her distressful past in the name of friendship.

For three reflective days at Renny’s lake house in Heber Springs, Arkansas, the three childhood friends reunite and examine life, love, marriage, and the ties that bind, even though Celia’s personal story has yet to be healed. When the past arrives at the lake house door in the form of her old boyfriend, Celia must revisit the life she’d tried to outrun.

As her idyllic coming of age alongside her best friend, Little Tea, on her family’s ancestral grounds in bucolic Como, Mississippi unfolds, Celia realizes there is no better place to accept her own story than in this circle of friends who have remained beside her throughout the years. Theirs is a friendship that can talk any life sorrow into a comic tragedy, and now that the racial divide in the Deep South has evolved, Celia wonders if friendship can triumph over history.

A recent review for the book

Kathryn Taylor 5.0 out of 5 stars What a Talent  Reviewed in the United States on August 9, 2021

Claire Fullerton has a rare gift of understanding the power of language and excels at the succinct choice of the written word to convey meaning. Her linguistic expertise provides a melodic flow not only to her dialogue, but to the subtle nuance of the voice and interplay of her characters. In Little Tea, Fullerton’s genius reaches new levels of achievement providing the reader not only with a lyrical, meaningful, and magical story of friendship, family, and challenge, but a difficult conundrum as well. We must decide whether to move ahead with the compelling plot to discover how the story unfolds, or to slowly savor the richness of the language and the impact of each carefully chosen word. Fortunately for us, there is no wrong answer, and we can enjoy the range of Fullerton’s ability whichever we choose. I highly recommend all the author’s work.  

Also by Claire Fullerton

Read the reviews and buy the books: Amazon US – and: Amazon UK – Follow Claire : Goodreads – website: Claire Fullerton – Blog: Claire Fullerton WordPress – Twitter: @Cfullerton3


Thanks for dropping in today and I hope you are leaving with some books… Sally.

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  1. Hi! Thank you so much for including me with 2 other wonderful authors. I am honored, and thank you for the great splash!

    How have you been? I think I’m due soon for another of your books…. finished about 10 so far, but I need to catch the earlier ones still. 🙂


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