Our Actions are Our Future…#World Food Day… 16th October 2021.

Another post from Carol Taylor that should be read by as many as possible. Without a sustainable and safe source of all the nutrients humans require to be healthy there is a far worse threat than any other. It is World Food Day today and Carol shares some of her concerns as well as the official stance on better production of food in the future.

Retired? No one told me!

Today October 16th 2021 the UN is making a call for action to make healthy and sustainable diets available and affordable to everyone.

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18 thoughts on “Our Actions are Our Future…#World Food Day… 16th October 2021.

  1. I watched a documentary called Kiss the Ground which highlights how humans should be interacting with the earth in order to not only create healthier crops but also help reduce climate change. GMOs were one of the worst things to have come along, and unfortunately, as Carol mentioned, the powers that be only want to listen to the money. Until we put health over profits, we will continue to have hunger and health issues in the world. 😥


    • I agree Yvette and our dependence on imported foods in not sustainable and we need to become more self-sufficient where possible. Some countries are so limited in their home grown staples that it is not possible for that to happen but clearly with the mega tons of wasted food each year that we in the west throw away, we have a very poor respect and attitude to food. xxx

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  2. Absolutely, Yvette as Sally mentioned and I have… we need to be more aware , buy local, know our farmers and grow what we can even if we only have a balcony….There is so much waste and I’m afraid we need to let our local stores know that if enough people did that they would have to act …United we can do so much and be the change it is after all supply and demand if we don’t demand there will be no supply needed… we need to eat food in season and not food which travel miles and in all honesty is not as tasty 🙂 x

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