Smorgasbord Blog Magazine Podcast – Turning Back the Clock – Part Five – The Hormone Factor Part Three – by Sally Cronin

This health series based on my book Turning Back the Clock which was also a series on radio in 2005 in Spain on The Main Ingredient with Kelli Brett.

Unfortunately the original recording of this post from 2005 was not great audio so I am recording a new version for this post and the next two

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About Turning Back the Clock

Living forever is not an option!

However, feeling younger and looking younger is an option available to all!

The maximum lifespan a human being can currently expect today is around 120 years. However, not many of us really want to be even 90 or 100 years old, if it means that we are going to end up filled with medication and tucked away in a corner in some nursing home, unaware of our surroundings.

Making healthy diet and lifestyle choices as early as possible will help you get as near as possible to your maximum age whilst enjoying good physical and mental vitality. In my latest book I not only take a look at the physical aspects of aging but also the mental and emotional issues that we should address earlier rather than later.

Last time I looked at the health of the brain which is where our hormone health begins and this time a look at the health of the other hormone producing glands
Most of what I talked about when referring to hormone and brain health applies throughout the body. A diet rich in antioxidants such as Vitamin A, C and E and essential fatty acids and amino acids will promote health everywhere. Having created a near perfect working environment for the bosses (the Hypothalamus and the Pituitary), we can turn our attention to the health of the Thyroid (metabolism, energy and growth) Adrenal Gland (sex drive, stress response and metabolism) and Pancreas (Blood sugar levels). If these organs are producing the hormones they are supposed to in the right quantities many of the problems we associate with old age would be much more manageable. Including energy and the ability to process our nutrients efficiently keeping us away from degenerative disease such as arthritis.
Thanks for dropping in today and I hope you have enjoyed the podcast.The immune system keeping you healthy as you age.. As always your feedback is very welcome.. Sally.

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  1. I did enjoy the podcast. If you don’t mind an update on the canine health front, our husky went to the vet today, and his glucose levels are much, much better after my husband started feeding him homemade stews with fresh meat, potatoes, and vegetables. His energy level has improved as well.

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