The Era of an End.

Another wonderful music post from David Prosser with a walk down memory Lane.. Songs from 10CC Freda Payne. The Small Faces, Detroit Emeralds, Julie Driscoll Brian Auger and Trinity… sadly the last in the series but I hope you will head over and also check out the other posts in David’s archives.. #recommended


Some songs stick out in the memory years after they came out. Some for good reasons, some for bad and that always depends on who you are and these days whether you were born or not in the Dark Ages of 1968 when this particular one came out. This is the only record by them I ever remember hearing.

Julie Driscoll, Brian Ager &Trinity -Wheels on Fire 1968

From 1972 is a brilliant Soul record by the Detroit Emeralds. I’m playing this version rather than losing my lunch over a later version ‘danced’ to by Legs and Coo on our Top of The Pops.

Detroit Emeralds- Feel the Need in Me 1972

Back to 1968 now and a group that had been on the scene for a couple of years and were influential and always around the top. This one was a little different.

Small Faces- Lazy Sunday Afternoon 1968

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21 thoughts on “The Era of an End.

  1. Shame it’s the last one, but I’ve read and listened to many of David’s posts over the years, and I hope he comes back at some point. Big hugs to him and to you, Sally. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. I saw this on David’s site yesterday. I hope this doesn’t mean his blogging days are finished as I’ve enjoyed getting to know him better in the last few months.

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  3. I’ve only recently come to appreciate David’s post and, much as I love this latest one, it’s completely overshadowed by his comment that this might be his last. Some humongous hugs coming your way, David.

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  4. Amazing collection takes me right back to my teens. the Faces and Small Faces – sheer magic. Jools and Brian feature in my novel I loved them so much. 10cc such talent and look at how Godley and Creme started music video before MTV. I shall miss these features. Thanks Sally and David. A blast from the past is good.

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