Smorgasbord Christmas Book Fair – #Children’s Books – Emiliya Ahmadov, B.C Byron, Dawn Doig

Another selection of gift ideas for younger members of the family.

The first book is by Emiliya Ahmadova with – My Twin Sister and Me: A scout always does her best! Readers’ Favorite five star rated

About the book

Glue on the windowsill and toothpaste in the shoes. Who did the deed?

Twelve-year-old Cub Scout twins Julieta and Rafaela have to deal with their older sister’s ugly tricks, which get them into trouble.

At school, Julieta is being mocked for the freckles on her face and her crooked teeth. Forgetting her own plight, however, she stands up to a bully, Claudius, in order to protect her friend Montano from being persecuted. Out of kindness she agrees to go to the movie with Montano. Due to situations beyond her control, it ends up being an embarrassment in more ways than one. However, once again, she stands up for Montano.

Another time, their Uncle David surprises the family by flying from his home in the US to Caracas for a visit. His visit causes worry; something is wrong. Julieta faces her fears in order to save her ill uncle in the middle of the night. After saving him, she becomes a hero in the uncle’s eyes.

The Scouts plan to attend a Jamboree in Russia, and the girls get caught up in the planning and carrying out of various schemes to pay for the adventure.

This book not only introduces children to Scouting, but also teaches them values, morals, and faith. My Twin Sister and Me shows how to manage anger, face one’s fears, the importance of self-respect, and how to deal with bullying. Above all, it helps kids learn how to show kindness to others. Oh–and very importantly: how to have fun.

One of the great reviews for the book

Amanda Gentry 5.0 out of 5 stars Great book no matter how old you are  Reviewed in the United States on May 30, 2020

This book is about Rafaela and Julieta, twelve-year-old Venezuelan twins who fight most of the time, but they still love each other. Julieta hates her freckles with a passion and would do most anything to get rid of them as they make her the butt of jokes and the object of a lot of teasing at school. But she learns to stand up to bullies when she stands up to someone who is bullying a classmate of hers.

The sisters are Scouts and have been taught to always be honest and truthful. Like all humans though, they don’t always live up to those standards, not even with each other. When a trick is played on Julieta, she is convinced that her twin is behind it, and without investigating to find out whether or not she is right, she takes her revenge.

Julieta and Rafaela’s uncle comes for a visit. Even though he has stage 4 cancer, he is financially better off than their parents. Besides paying for braces for the twins, he has brought something of great value to them: toilet paper.

The plight of those in Venezuela is brought to light in several different ways, but it isn’t dwelt on nor are political statements made. I just want to say that I cannot imagine having to go to many stores and being able just to find two rolls of toilet paper to purchase. In another part of the book, one of the prizes is a roll of toilet paper. Those situations broke my heart.

Parts of the book made me laugh. The names of the girls’ Scout leaders—Baloo, Bagheera, and Raksha—amused me. I love Rudyard Kipling’s 𝑇ℎ𝑒 𝐽𝑢𝑛𝑔𝑙𝑒 𝐵𝑜𝑜𝑘, so much so that one of my cats has been blessed with the name Bagheera.

When their Scout troop visited Russia, Julieta and a couple of the other scouts sneaked off the bus because they had to go to the bathroom. When they arrived back to where they left the bus, it was gone. How much trouble will they get in? Julieta being lost in a foreign country brought to mind the time I became separated from my classmates while on a school trip touring the Smithsonian Institution.

Not only are those who read My Twin Sister and Me introduced to Scouting, they also see how the sisters learn to handle bullying, manage their anger, and face their fears.Being able to relate to certain situations in this book made it even more enjoyable for me.  

Read the reviews and buy the book: Amazon US – And:Amazon UK

Also for adult readers

Read the reviews and buy the books: Amazon US – And: Amazon UK – Follow Emiliya: GoodreadsWebsite: Emiliya Ahmadova – Twitter: @authoremiliya

Delighted to welcome B.C. Byron to the Children’s Reading Room with his first illustrated children’s book – A Cat Named Lump: 48 Poetic Tummy Turners – age 6-12

About the collection

Can you touch your own eye? I think you should try?
Can you lick your own nose? Hey that’s pretty gross.
Can you suck your own toe? Bend in half, there you go.
These poems are strange and a little deranged.Can you read the whole bunch without losing your lunch?
Maybe you can, but one thing is true:you’ll laugh out your insides before it is through!

One of the reviews for the collection

Amazon Customer5.0 out of 5 stars Super clever and just awesomeness! Reviewed in the United States on May 6, 2021

This book is so great! I find myself chuckling at the cleverness and silliness of the poems! There’s some new ways of describing things I’ve not heard before, but are very accurate!

For example, he describes being about to puke as going to “remix the salsa” or “burp the rainbow.” One of my favorites is “The Noah’s ark Burger,” which raises an important question of what animal does baloney come from?? I also really love “Nursery Grimes!”

This book is a lot of fun and both children and adults (at least the cool ones) can enjoy!

Read the reviews and buy the book: Amazon US – And: Amazon UK – More reviews: Goodreads – Connect to B.C. Byron: B.C. Byron – Twitter: @BCByronAuthor 

The next book which encourages younger children to embrace the differences in others they play and learn with And So, Ahmed Hears by Dawn Doig

About the book

Ahmed is a little boy who spends his days with his family doing things he enjoys like going to the park and swimming in the ocean. Although he seems to be a typical two year old, mama has concerns that he may not be hearing. So off they go to the doctor and eventually to the audiologist who diagnoses a hearing loss. Fit with hearing aids, Ahmed is now able to enjoy the sounds of life. And So Ahmed Hears was written to increase public awareness about childhood hearing loss and to help alleviate some of the stigma associated with it.

One of the recent reviews for the book

D. W. Peach 5.0 out of 5 stars Beautifully illustrated Reviewed in the United States on August 23, 2021

A young boy doesn’t sing or talk or hear the roar of the sea, shouts of warning, or his mother’s call. Concerned, his mother takes him to the doctor and audiologist. Fitted with hearing aids, he gets to hear the sounds that he’d missed before.

A beautifully illustrated children’s book for young children with hearing aids or interacting with hearing-impaired people, especially peers. A simple story about diversity and acceptance.

A selection of books by Dawn Doig which are available in several languages.

Read the reviews and Buy Amazon US – And: Amazon UK – Follow Dawn: Goodreads – Website: Dawn Doig – Twitter: @Shoebears


Thanks for dropping in today and I hope you will be leaving with some books…Sally.

16 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Christmas Book Fair – #Children’s Books – Emiliya Ahmadov, B.C Byron, Dawn Doig

  1. Thank you again, Sally, for the share. I am still actively trying to sell my books to raise the funds to build the new school for the deaf/orphanage in Cameroon, Africa. Unfortunately, most purchases are through KU and raising $0.04 for 28 books means an awful lot of books are needed to reach the goal. Hopefully, more people will decide to give paperback or hardcover books as gifts and this will go a long way toward helping with the fundraiser. There are some amazing discounts on Amazon right now: $5.79 for a hardcover copy of a ‘Lulubelle Loves to Bake’; $3.93 for a paperback copy of ‘Petra Pencil Pines for Pizza’; $3.95 for a paperback copy of ‘Whaaat?’; and $5.04 for a paperback copy of ‘Marisa’s First Fishing Trip’. Books make wonderful gifts and these books are gifts that keep on giving as I try to pay it forward one book at a time.

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