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There are some wonderful food bloggers in our community and today I am sharing links to some of their posts this Christmas…just in case you have not stocked up yet!

The first post is from Dorothy of the New Vintage Kitchen with a wonderful selection of festive treats to prepare and enjoy… including glazed mixed nuts, chocolate dipped fruits and links to recipes for cranberry orange walnut bread, holiday mincemeat cookies and other festive delights.

Treats from a Busy Holiday Kitchen

These can be made in minutes!

Relax. Time is tight just about now, but we still want to treat our family and friends with delights from our kitchen, especially morsels we create once a year. Cookies and breads top the list of holiday offerings. I know in our family, we have recipes everyone craves and expects. I think about the sour cream coffee cake my mother made for us all to enjoy for Christmas breakfast. It was a lot of work. But I also think about the lovely jars of marmalade, applesauce, and pickles she prepared all year and decorated in mere moments for the holidays. Smart.

The best tip? Make whatever you can ahead! 

Head over to enjoy the feast: Treats from a Busy Holiday Kitchen

The next post is by Debbie from Roguish Recipe Kitchen which is a new blog to me but you will find some terrific recipes in the archives. Links in the post to other recieps including Avocado Toast Devilled Eggs, Stuffed Mushrooms, Bacon Wrapped Green Beans and Faux Chocolate Mousse.

©Image Roguish Recipe Kitchen

Easy Holiday Recipes – Side Dishes and Simple Desserts as Easy as Pie

With Thanksgiving coming up tomorrow and Christmas right around the corner some of you are probably quite stressed. Here are a few very easy holiday staples that require very little culinary skill to alleviate some of that stress.

It doesn’t matter how good a cook you are, cooking for other people is always stressful. Every year I am prepared as heck yet come dinner time I am close to tears. Here are a few of my favourite holiday/ roast dinner recipes that I like to fall back on because they are always huge hits. Due to the existence of this food blog my family’s expectations have certainly increased (thanks, mum) yet these dishes never disappoint. If I am not serving my Brussel sprouts with sautéed garlic I am actually expecting a riot.

Head over to add to your Christmas dinner table: Easy Holiday Recipes – Roguish Recipe Kitchen

Now time for an alternative dessert over Christmas courtesy of the team from Eat Dessert First Greece...they all sound amazing.

Our traditional desserts in a different way: semolina halva and many more

Just before the second part of our article about Elatochori and the last destination of our long trip to Western and Central Macedonia, Veria, we will take a short, sweet break, since we made a dessert that we definitely want to share with you!

In our new article we will see our traditional sweets differently; with more modern approaches, in combination with mousses and creams, or as elements in more complex desserts. Getting inspiration we will make our own “modern”, fasting and vegan semolina halva, with hazelnuts, in combination with a chocolate semolina cream.

Head over to get the recipe for this delicious treat at the end of the post and the other traditional desserts to tempt you: Eat Dessert First Greece Semolina Halva

And no festive Christmas post would be the same without a recipe from our own food expert Carol of the accompaniments for the main dish is stuffing…and Carol has not just one recipe but seven that will please everyone in the family.

Wow..where does the time go??? We think we have lots of time and then that clock just whizzes around and before we know it…Christmas is upon us…

To me, there is nothing nicer than seeing that stuffing oozing out of the turkey…

I have a few recipes ( 7) for homemade stuffing for you it is very easy to make and makes much more than you get out of a box and no nasties…It freezes well so you can make it and pop it into the freezer all ready for Christmas day…

This first stuffing is not a traditional one as I used to know it..we always had sage and onion never anything else but since I discovered how easy stuffing is to make it has opened up a whole new world…

Rice, walnut and squash stuffing. 

Head over for Carol’s recipes for the seven types of stuffing: Christmas Recipes Homemade Stuffing


Thank you for dropping in today and I hope you will head over to enjoy these posts in full… Thanks Sally.

19 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Christmas Blog Food Fest – #Festivetreats New Vintage Kitchen, #EasyChristmas Roguish Recipe Kitchen, #Halva Eat Dessert First Greece, #Stuffing Carol Taylor

  1. Thank you, Sally for sharing my Christmas stuffing post, Dorothy’s posts always bring something delicious to the table as does Eat Dessert First(yummy) plus a newbie to me who I’m just going to check out the recipes Hugs xx

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  2. Well that was delicious, I’m full, lol. I had some stuffing at Carols, some glazed nuts at Dorothy’s, baklava at Eat Dessert First, and some bacon-wrapped green beans at Rogueish. Great vegetarian meal, lol. Great recipes! Hugs to all ❤

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