Smorgasbord Podcast – Short Stories – Father Christmas by Sally Cronin

Welcome to the podcast and the first of the short stories I have recorded for over Christmas. I hope you will enjoy.

Father Christmas


Thanks for dropping in today.. as always your feedback is very welcome.. Sally.

60 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Podcast – Short Stories – Father Christmas by Sally Cronin

  1. Delightful and chilling all at the same time. Here’s wishing those who have lost a loved one recently many visits from Father Christmas.

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  2. I love listening to a story read, thank you.
    It was beautiful and tinged with sadness.
    A little close to the mark for me this morning but here’s hoping all will be well.

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  3. I so loved hearing you read this story. You are an amazing storyteller and the story – precious. Thank you for this beautiful gift. 💗

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  5. Beautiful and touching, Sally. I do struggle to cope with longer audio pieces because my days tend to be ‘bitty’ and I find it easier to pick up again from text which I can read at my own pace. This one was a Goldilocks version for me – just right! xx


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