Smorgasbord Blogger Weekly – #Interview Annika Perry on Priorhouse, #Writing Traci Kenworth, #Characters D.Wallace Peach, #Review Robbie Cheadle, #Writerlinks D.G. Kaye, #Stories Allan Hudson

A small selection of posts I have enjoyed during the week and I hope you will head over to enjoy in full.. thanks Sally

First an interesting and revealing interview with author Annika Perry with Yvette Prior on the  Priorhouse blog

Good Morning Readers. Today I am featuring the Priorhouse Interview with blogger and author Annika Perry.

Hello Yvette and thank you so much for the invitation to take part in one of your interviews! It’s a joy to be here! The tagline to my website sums me up in a few words:

‘A writer influenced by her Swedish heritage and Yorkshire upbringing.’

It is this dual background that is the foundation of not only my writing but also my life. 

photo for blog

Head over to enjoy Annika’s interview: Annika Perry on Priorhouse

The next post is from Traci Kenworth with her reflections on writing and some recommended writing and book links.

The Beauty of Writing

I was probably twelve or thirteen when I began using makeup. Eye shadow. Liner. Rouge. Lipstick. Any and all of it. I wished in later years, that I’d taken it slower like my one friend in high school whose parents only allowed her lipstick for many years. Of course, I found out from another friend that she ditched that restriction when it came to parties and hanging out with friends. I just thought maybe less was more as I got older.

I guess that’s how we all start off with writing as well. Experimenting to see what worked best.

Head over to read the post in full: Traci Kenworth the Beauty of Writing

The next post is also on the subject of writing…. D. Wallace Peach, writing for Story Empire shares part one of her tips on crafting rich characters… having read her fantasy novels, Diana crafts memorable and unique characters and well worth heading over to read her thoughts on this important element of storytelling.

Crafting Rich Characters (Part 1)

Greetings to all the storytellers out there. Let me start out by first wishing you a peaceful Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Then by sharing how delighted I am to be part of the Story Empire crew. I never tire of chatting about the craft of writing and hope to share some observations and insights as well as hear your thoughts and learn from you.

Though I won’t turn down a book with a riveting plot, I’m a lover of great characters. For me, characters are the glue that keeps me stuck to a story. I thought I’d start my Story Empire stint with a series of posts about Crafting Rich Characters.

As a new story takes shape in my brain, character profiles dutifully tap across my laptop. Whether you write character bios down or store them in your cranium, this pre-work may pay off with greater character depth and more complex relationships. In addition, the process of writing may flow with greater ease. My characters are immensely cooperative in telling their stories when they know who they are.

Head over to enjoy Diana’s helpful and though provoking post starting with physical appearance: Crafting rich characters part 1

The next post is from Robbie Cheadle who has reviewed what I consider to be one of the most important books written about and for women in the early 20th century. Robbie very kindly included my recording of one of Vera Brittain’s poems.

Sally Cronin from Smorgasbord Blog Magazine introduced me to Vera Brittain, a feminist, writer, and poet, who lived through WW1 and lost her fiancé, brother, and two close friends. My own great aunt never married after losing her fiancé during WW1, so Vera’s feelings of loss and displacement after the war gave me a lot of insight into how many women must have felt whose lives were scarred by the Great War and who lived among youngsters who hadn’t experienced its devastation in such a personal way. 

Head over to enjoy Robbie’s review: Robbie Cheadle Testament of Youth

The next post this week is another for writers from D.G. Kaye, Debby Gies with her monthly round up of links to posts that celebrate the art of writing.

January 2022 – First Edition of Writer’s Tips

Welcome to my January Writer’s Tips. In this month’s edition of posts I hand picked from my reading trails, I’ve found some informative articles for writers from authors, Natalie Ducey – how to add weblinks on #Instagram, publishing predictions for 2022 by agent Laurie McLean at the blog of Anne R. Allen, ideas for promoting sequels on #Bookbub, book promotion blunders by Kathy Steinemann, and, how to use dashes in fiction by Louise Harnby. 

Head over to check out all these excellent resources: D. G. Kaye.. All the best writer’s tips

The final post today is from Allan Hudson who has just begun a new series of short stories from around the world.. delighted to be invited to feature with a story coming up in February.. as you will see in the post there are some wonderful writers included.

Welcome to the new addition to the Scribbler

I love short stories. Hope you do too.

Every two weeks from this date, you will find a new short story and as it suggests in the title – From Around the World.

I’m beyond pleased to have Professor Emeritus Roger Moore as the first contributor to the new addition. Mr. Moore is highly regarded in the world of writing, the recipient of many awards. The following short story was a winner in the Writers Federation of New Brunswick competition.

Head over to enjoy Roger Moore’s wonderfully poignant story and discover more about the short story series: Short stories from around the world with Allan Hudson


Thanks for dropping in today and I hope you will head over to enjoy the posts in full… Sally.



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  2. Sally, thank you so much for including Yvette’s interview with me in this great selection of weekly roundup – you’ve given me lots of fascinating posts for this afternoon and was interested and touched by your reading of Vera Brittain poem. Hope you’re having a lovely Sunday! xx

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  3. Well, that was an action-packed blogger Sal. Some great picks! Loved Robbie’s review, Annika’s interview, Traci’s story, Allan’s new series (I see you there), and Diana’s post in her new position writing for the Story Empire. And thanks for sharing my writing tip picks for the month, Sal. ❤ xx

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