Smorgasbord Poetry – Colleen Chesebro’s Tuesday Weekly Challenge – #CrownCinquain – The Colour of Life by Sally Cronin

This week for TankaTuesday Weekly Poetry Challenge No. 263, 3/1/22: #Tastetherainbow-Color Poetry Colleen Chesebro has challenged us to create a poem using the colour green for our inspiration…

The colour is everywhere and there are around 24 different shades used to describe its presence around us… I have selected a few to share in my Crown Cinquain..

Image by gregovish from Pixabay

The Colour of Life

blessed with rainfull
called the Emerald Isle
glistening jewel in the ocean
of life

vibrant and strong
all shades of viridis
reflected in its canopy
of leaves

plump and healthy
pressed for their precious oil
tossed into colourful salads
and sauce.

Lush jade
verdant healer
bringer of good fortune
protects the mind, body, spirit
and heart.

planted with mint
will attract butterflies
repelling less welcome visits
from bugs

©Sally Cronin

My latest book is a collection of poetry and was published in July 2021 and here is a recent review.

One of the reviews for the collection

You can find all my books and buy links: Sally’s Books and Reviews 2022


Thanks for dropping by and I hope you have enjoyed the poem.. thanks Sally.

56 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Poetry – Colleen Chesebro’s Tuesday Weekly Challenge – #CrownCinquain – The Colour of Life by Sally Cronin

  1. Oh so lovely, Sally. Reading your beautiful Crown Cinquain, I thought back to my trip to Ireland, lush and exquisite. Someday, someday another trip is due. Congratulations on the review, Sally. Much deserved. I loved Life Is Like A Mosaic. 💗

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  2. Hello there – I love your blog even though I have just usubscribed. It’s only because I get too much email in my box on a daily basis and I just can’t keep up with them all. Once a week is fine but every day I can’t do, boo hoo. However, I will definitely ‘look in’ now and then and browse. And wish you continuing success in the meantime ! Jo.x ________________________________

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