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On Thursday as I did my usual rounds of social media, I discovered I was tagged in a number of posts from several authors. There was a conspiracy it seemed, and on investigation I discovered I was the target of a campaign by a group of authors intent on plastering my name across the Internet to their followers and beyond.

Unlike many campaigns of this nature…. this one was very different and delightfully so.

The eleven authors that form Story Empire honoured me with individual posts sharing my books, their reviews and some lovely comments that frankly left me blushing (and delighted of course).

I hope by this point I have responded to everyone who kindly left messages of support and  apologies to anyone I have missed.. I will catch up I promise.

I love my job, which is how I regard blogging and author and book promotion. It began ten years ago as a platform to promote my own books, but I soon discovered how much more fun and rewarding it could be if I promoted other authors I met online.

Today the writing community I belong to is global, and I get huge pleasure from chatting to a friend about to end their day in Australia, and then another just getting up in California. It is incredible to think that only 25 years ago the only contact we could have with friends around the world was by snail mail or the telephone.

Certainly during the last two years of the pandemic, this contact has been a lifeline to millions isolated and away from family and friends.

Whatever the media might portray about international relationships, those who populate this online writing community have a different ethos. One of collaboration, support, generosity and friendship.

Anyway. I am hugely grateful for the individual sentiments and support offered by the members of Story Empire, and also their combined efforts to bring the best of fiction and authorship to us all. Always highly interesting and useful articles based on the personal experience of each of the members, which is considerable.

And thank you so much to those of you who visited the posts, shared them on your social media and left wonderful comments, I really appreciated your kind thoughts.

Here are the links to the individual posts and if you have time, I would love it if you could visit and explore the authors and their work which I can highly recommend.

Keep writing, talking, communicating and supporting.. it is what this community of ours does best.

Obviously I am delighted and deeply grateful for this amazing tribute by writers I think of as friends as well as outstanding authors. I could not let the occasion go by without saying thank you to them all, but it is also an opportunity to see the power of collaboration at work.

Not least is that as a result of this incredible blitz across the networks, several books were sold since the posts were aired which is fantastic.

My thanks to them all for giving me an amazing boost of confidence and motivation to keep doing a job I love.

Jan Sikes Celebrating Sally Cronin

John W. Howell – Thursday A little personal honouring Sally Cronin

Harmony Kent – Celebrating Sally Cronin

Joan Hall Celebrating Author Sally Cronin


Beem Weeks – International day of awesomeness Sally Cronin

D.L. Finn Celebrating Sally Cronin

Staci Troilo International Awesomeness Day Sally Cronin

Mae Clair – International Day of Awesomeness Sally Cronin

D. Wallace Peach – Celebrating Sally Cronin blogger and Writer extraordinaire

C.S. Boyack A surprise for a big supporter

Gwen Plano – Celebrating Sally Cronin


Thank you for dropping in today and if you have time it would be great if you could visit some or all of the posts and if you have not yet discovered the books by these authors then there is no time like the present… thanks Sally.

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  1. Sorry we, erm, kinda, like, dropped that little web bomb on you unawares! I’m thrilled you sold some books and had a lovely time. That makes my heart smile. Much love and hugs 💖💖💖🤗🤗🤗

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  2. How lovley is that. Yes, snail mail was once the only way. although I do enjoy recieving cards and letters via the snail…

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  3. Reblogged this on Toni Pike and commented:
    Congratulations to the amazing Sally Cronin on this wonderful tribute to her work and writing. Delve into as many of these posts as you can – it’s a wonderful chance to learn more about her.

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  4. Those are very discerning authors, so congratulations Sally. You deserve that and more. You’ve been a lifeline for so many bloggers and authors. Thanks to the Story Empire authors for a great initiative as well.

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  5. We are often amazed by your open heart and concern for the Indie author, Sally. Day after day, you deliver entertaining, educational, and inspiring content. You are like a steadfast island in a troubled sea, and we all love and appreciate you. It was our feeling to honor all that you do. I am delighted you sold some books as well. Thank you for this lovely post too. ❤️

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  6. Congratulations! Deserved recognition. Sadly I’m mostly offline at the moment (a cherry-picker brought down all our overhead fiber optic cables last weekend and I’m relying on a very flaky EE mobile mini-hub that we only just received) so I haven’t read the Story Empire posts this week (which I usually do because I find them really useful). Maybe I can catch up when we’re back online (estimated 29th March, can you believe?)

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  7. I love our blogging community, Sally. If I need a word of encouragement, I know where to go. If I need writing advice, I know where to go and the list could go on and on. When I stumbled across your Smorgasbord blog many years ago, I felt as though I’d found a gold mine. I still feel that way. So, our small effort to give back a tiny portion of what you give to us comes straight from the heart and soul of Story Empire. Thank you, my dear lady.

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  8. So wonderful to know that you are still feelin’ the love, Sally! I had a marvelous time visiting all those blogs Thursday and seeing what each Story Empire member had to say about you and your awesomeness! And I agreed with all of their comments.

    I also agree with everything you have said above about our fantastic writing and blogging communities, and the friendships and bonds we have formed through them. We are about to have a mammoth thunderstorm here, but if I don’t lose power, I will share this post on The Write Stuff in case anyone missed out on the chance to celebrate your Day of Awesomeness, and hasn’t yet seen this post today.

    And finally, whatever you do, my friend, just remember to KEEP ON ROCKIN’!!!! You inspire us all!

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    • You had a marathon Marcia and made my day along with the posts. We had sunshine this morning and I was planning time in the garden, but only the eye of the storm which is rampant outside at the moment. Thank you in advance for the share, I am so grateful to everyone for their support.. Keep Rockin’ too ♥♥

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  9. It was super fun, Sally, and you deserve every accolade that came your way. 😀 I’m glad you had a wonderful day and wish you many many more. Happy Writing and Blogging, and have a relaxing weekend. I’ll bet you need it. Ha ha.

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  10. I’m glad to know it worked as a promo, but making you feel awesome makes us feel awesome. I don’t know of anyone who deserves it more. You probably need an international day of rest after handling all those comments. Ha ha!

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  12. You are a wonder, Sally. I forget how I found you, but once I did, I knew a good thing! And the group at Story Empire–they have become a mainstay for my weekly reading. Always thoughtful and spot on.

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  13. Oh, Sally. I’m delighted you had a wonderful International Day of Awesomeness and thrilled you sold books. I can’t think of a blogger who deserves it more. Here’s hoping you got a lot more fans and friends from our blast.

    Thank you so much for this post, and all your tireless efforts for us. Hugs and love. 💕

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  14. Congratulations Sally. It was such a delight to see you all around in the blogosphere. No wonder they say love comes back in many forms. You are the most loved person! 🤗🥰

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  15. I was so excited to be a part of your day! I’m happy to hear you sold some books too 🙂 Yay! You do so much for all of us, it was just a small thank you. I agree we have an amazing writing community that looks after each other. I love that we are from all parts of the world and can learn so much about not only writing but the world we live in. Much appreciation and hugs to you, Sally xo

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    • A wonderful experience Denise and so grateful to be the subject of the massive boost.. And I hope others might think about approaching other areas of writing in the same way as it is clear it makes for a powerful message. I know that many authors have blog tours but there are other aspects that would work too… hugsxx

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  16. This was such a wonderful way for Story Empire to share with everyone how we all feel about your unstinting support and encouragement, Sally. Congratulations on such a well-deserved and heartfelt accolade. ♥♥

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  17. Hooray for Sally! You deserve all this recognition. Thanks to you, the giver, our blogging community is a true family. I applaud and thank you, Sally. You’re the best!

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  18. I can think of no one who does more for others daily in blogging/writing, Sally. I’m sure you had to spend hours responding to all the positive comments.

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