Smorgasbord Blog Magazine – Memories, Music and Movies – 1993 – 40th, MR2, M People, Mrs Doubtfire

I cannot remember a time when music and movies where not a part of my life.

1993 – 40th, MR2, M People, Mrs Doubtfire

It is 1993 and in the February I hit the big 40. At the beginning of the year, I looked at my wish list as most of us do before hitting a milestone birthday. One of my top ‘things to do before I am 40’ was to own a racy little number.

As a teenager I had a number of boyfriends who owned sports cars. Whilst they may have anticipated something a little different when I suggested that we adjourn to the car park at Clarence Parade after a date, they were disappointed. I only wanted their car keys! I had spent many a happy hour in a Triumph Spitfire or a later model TR4 doing circuits of the car park.

I did not get my official driving licence until 1980 and had driven for both work and pleasure in the intervening years. We had enjoyed many road trips when living in Texas including across from Houston to New Mexico, a distance of 650 miles without stopping except for gas.

I had returned from Houston with one of my most prized souvenir; a 1985 dark grey metallic Mercury Topaz. Despite initial problems finding unleaded petrol when we returned to the UK with it 1987, I had driven happily for the last six years. I was lucky to find a mechanic who was an American car fan who would come and pick it up from my office in the Docklands, service and deliver back to me by the end of the day.

As I approached the big day in February, I happened to mention to him that I was thinking of selling the Topaz and buying a sports car so wanted mine in tip top condition. He looked off into the distance for a moment before suggesting that we do a swap.

Turned out that he had a MR2 Mk1 that he drove and he had recently had a baby and wanted a family car. He loved my Topaz and the price was around the same. Bingo… Two days before my 40th I was a proud owner of the small but perfectly formed MR2 in black with a T-bar sunroof. I was in heaven.

There was not much room in that little car but I loved driving it and although I have had another MK 2 since then, one day, provided I can get in and out of it; I will be looking for a reconditioned MK1 to drive into the sunset in.

Both of us were working flat out but I would listen to the radio and tapes on the drive from our home in South Woodford to the Docklands. That year the charts seemed to be all about love.

Whitney Houston had three hits that year in the charts; I Will Always Love You, I’m Every Woman and I Have Nothing. Meat Loaf I’d Do Anything For Love, UB40 I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You, HaddawayWhat is Love, Elton John and Kiki Dee with True Love and to counteract all the lovin’ was Gloria Gaynor and I Will Survive! Others songs were about travelling including Billy Joel River of Dreams, Pet Shop BoysGo West, Lenny KravitzAre You Gonna Go My Way. I was an M People fan so I have chosen One Night in Heaven which combines both love and travel! MPeopleVEVO 

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As you will have gathered if you have been following this series is that film was very important to both David and I. This year was particularly good for movies and included Jurassic Park, Schindler’s List, Philadelphia, The Piano, Groundhog Day, Mrs. Doubtfire, The Firm, Sleepless in Seattle, Indecent Proposal, Farewell my Concubine (stunning), The Age of Innocence, Alive and Tombstone.

One of my favourite clips from Mrs Doubtfire includes Robin Williams doing the vacuuming. This by the way is a great way to exercise!

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Thank you for joining me on this walk down Memory Lane and I hope you will join me again tomorrow for more. Sally

45 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Blog Magazine – Memories, Music and Movies – 1993 – 40th, MR2, M People, Mrs Doubtfire

  1. Mrs. Doubtfire was the best! Robin Williams and Sally Field were so talented. One of the stupidest things I did as an eighteen-year-old was to drive straight from Chicago to Florida the day after Christmas, only stopping for gas, eating, or bathroom breaks. There were three of us, and we rotated drivers. It took 24 hours. I remember there was a foot of snow on the ground in Chicago, but we went swimming in the Gulf of Mexico a day later.

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  2. In 1980 I got my first car, it was a classic Morris Minor.
    It celebrated it’s 21st birthday the same year as me.
    More of a tank than a sports car.
    But I did love it.

    Robin Williams was fantastic in whatever he did. Mrs Doubtfire classic.

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  3. Serendipity, indeed! The ‘MR2 Mk1’ bit meant nothing to me but I could see it was a thing of sporty beauty. Like others here, I loved Mrs Doubtfire. Robin Williams was brilliant in everything he did – he even made the Aladdin animation hilarious. xx

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  5. Great memories, Sally! A friend and work colleague always talked about getting an MR2. I wonder if he ever did (I lost touch with him, but he also wanted to own a Jaguar, and he works as a doctor in a private clinic, so he might). Thanks for the music and the movies as well!

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  6. I think we all go through that stage where we find the car that’s impractical but that we love. Mine was a jeep with a removeable top. Oh I loved that car/jeep! Great songs and what wonderful movies from that year – so many classics. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. 🙂

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