Smorgasbord Laughter is the Best Medicine – Hosts Debby Gies and Sally Cronin – Sunbathing and Exam results

Firstly, some funnies from Debby Gies followed by some funnies from Sally. Thanks to those who share the funnies on the internet.

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My thanks to Debby for excellent foraging

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Check out Debby’s latest Travel Column:The Bahamas

Now for some fun from Sally….Exam results part one

Apparently real answers to exam questions!!

In the Office

A secretary is often a Director’s private concern.

Previous tempting work is an advantage

The word processor has a ‘cursor’ for when the secretary makes a mistake.

If a partner cannot pay his debts, a court with order a bayleaf to eject him from his house.

Sometimes in an office a person throws a spaniard in the works.

Ooh la la

Je suis fiance. C’est la guerre – I am engaged to a gorilla

Saucisses – Saucy girls.

Name a French winter sport – Bog-slaying

The Louvre is a well known night-club.

The French National Anthem is called The Mayonnaise

Music Appreciation

Elvis Presley was a more refined pop star than Bill Haley. Many of the rock stars were idles to the youngsters. Today there are different categories of pop from ‘sole’ to ‘punk’

Wogan’s Fly of the Vuldukeries

The Dance of the Sugar Prune Fairy

Bikini’s Madame Butterfly,

The baboon is the lowest woodwind instrument.

Crushendo – an orchestra for everyone to join in.

Source Howlers by William Cooke and illustrated by Mike Gordon Published 1988 Used copies are available on Ebay and Amazon.


Thank you for joining us today and we hope you are leaving with a smile on your face.. Debby and Sally.

53 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Laughter is the Best Medicine – Hosts Debby Gies and Sally Cronin – Sunbathing and Exam results

  1. Ha ha ha. I wish my husband would learn the one about doing things my way the first time, Debby. Lol. Life would be so much easier. And I loved this one, Sally: “The French National Anthem is called The Mayonnaise.” Can’t stop laughing. Thanks you two.

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