Smorgasbord Blogger Weekly – July 29th 2022 – #Reunion Jennie Fitzkee, #Poetrystars Colleen Chesebro, #beefstew Robbie Cheadle, #Communityliving D.G. Kaye, #Raptors Cindy Knoke, #Bears Tofino Photography

Just a small selection of posts I have enjoyed this week and I hope you will head over to enjoy the posts in full.. thanks Sally.

Jennie Fitzkee catches up with one of her children Noah this last week as he prepares to head off to Iceland in his gap year. Jennie shares how both his sister Emma and then Noah made a difference to the classroom during those early years as their teacher.


Head over to enjoy this reunion post with a student who clearly remembers his years with Jennie with great fondness and respect: A Child and His Family Over the Years

Colleen Chesebro shares the links to the responses to last week’s challenge which was an amazing photo prompt.. head over to enjoy the selected star poem which is stunning by Reena Saxena

Head over to enjoy the star poem and check out the links to the rest of the participants: #TankaTuesday #Poetry Stars No. 281 | #PhotoPrompt, #Ekphrastic

Debby Gies shares her home with us which is a condo in an amazing complex in Toronto. It comes with many perks and built at a time when units were much bigger and certain legal benefits are now in place to protect the residents. Sounds pretty good.

Head over to check out the benefits of living in this community: the-perks-of-living-in-a-senior-community-even-if-you-yet-arent-one

Robbie Cheadle shares a bittersweet family get together over the weekend with Christmas in July and a farewell to a sister who is moving to Cape Town many hours drive away. A sumptious feast and the post includes the recipe for Beef and Stout Stew.

Head over to enjoy the feast and the recipe for this beef and stout stew: Recipes from around the world Beef Stout Stew

There are two photographers that stun with their images and the first of those is Cindy Knoke who has captured the imperialistic and all-knowing look of a selection of raptors… Magnificent.

image ©Cindy Knoke

Head over to enjoy the rest of these amazing photographs of raptors: Bird Portraits Raptors

The other photographer that captures wildlife in such a beautiful way is Wayne Barnes of Tofino Photography. This week a gentle giant with a love of Sea Asparagus, which by the way is a pre-seasoned delicious vegetable served hot or cold.

Head over for a close up of this epicurian bear: My Shadow and my furry friend


Thanks for dropping in today and I hope you will head over to enjoy the posts in full….. Sally.



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  1. I have been missing some of my posts so I’m glad of the collective messages.
    I enjoy reading the posts from the magazine through the week and often save them for when I can take time to read.
    But I do read the posts.

    Anyway I enjoyed this round up.
    Jennie’s story about inspiring young children was very poignant.
    Here in England I struggled at times to get children to sing our national Anthem.
    Identity is important.
    And as for the Lord’s Prayer!
    We don’t need to blast it at children but we do need to be unafraid to 🎶 or pray.

    There seems to be so much pressure for inclusivity that we are afraid to be ourselves.

    I enjoyed the trip around Toronto with Debbie.
    My godmother lives in Toronto and we had a fantastic holiday there.
    A different story.
    She also lived in a condo in the north of Toronto. One of three blocks.
    Toronto was a place I certainly would love to visit again

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