Smorgasbord Blog Magazine – Weekly Round Up- 22nd – 28th September 2022 – #IrishDNA, Pavarotti, #Waterford, Empaths, #Obesity Podcast, Poetry, Book Reviews, Afternoon Videos

Welcome to the round up of posts you might have missed this week on Smorgasbord..

I hope your week has gone well. The house decoration is still going well and still waiting for return calls from outside contractors to come in to do some maintenance work but hopeful that will be done in the next couple of weekends.

Genetic update

I received my annual Ancestry update which proved very interesting. Millions will have uploaded their DNA in the last 12 months and it means that my own DNA has been updated based on their results. As you can see from the first image, I am definitely a mongrel! What is intersting is that for the first time my Irish and Welsh ancestry exceeds my English.

My nordic bloodline has also expanded and this is probably because my Irish genes have been identified across a wider area of the South East of the country, up the West as far as Galway. The Vikings were all over the area in those days and I imagine a fair bit of pillaging went on if you know what I mean…

Also on my father’s side on the East Coast of England where raids from the Northmen were frequent. He was tall and blonde as a young man and I can definitely see that genetic link in him.

Anyway here are some graphics…

My husband is going to be joining the fun with his own DNA and it will be interesting as his family all originate from the same area. I wonder if paths were crossed at some point by our ancestors in the last two hundred years or are we even distantly related?

Just a reminder that if you have a new book coming out in the next six to eight weeks either on pre-order or available on Amazon do let me know if we have not already chatted about a promotion for it.

Contributor News this week.

This week William Price King joined me for The Breakfast Show and shared second post in the life and music of the great Pavarotti. The Breakfast Show will cover the hits to 2005 and then we thought that as there are now so many different music genres we might go retro and cover the chart hits of the 1940s and 1950s until the end of the year. Prepare to get your swing and jive on. Next year we will be covering the Big Band Era from the 1930s through to the 1950s and it is amazing that I am able to find videos going back to the early 30s and some are even remastered which is great. We are both looking forward to that and hope you will enjoy too.You can also find William Blog– IMPROVISATIONWilliam Price King on Tumblr

Debby Gies​ interviews Martha Perez​ about her life, love of books and stories from childhood.. an inspiring Q&A and introduction to Martha’s many books available on Amazon including Kindle Vella. Debby Gies Q & A with Martha Perez – Debby also reviews The Catalyst a thriller by Joy Lennick for her Sunday feature and highly recommends. Catch up on her other posts D.G. Kaye

Carol Taylor will be here on Wednesday with her next A-Z of food with the letter ‘F’… a wonderful exploration of food. Carol also took her slow cooker on the road as a guest of Willow Croft for her series Eco-Tuesday. Carol shares her love of food markets and her passion for food sustainability and conservation. Willow Croft and Carol Taylor Eco-Tuesday On Carol’s own blog Monday Musings and using plastic in your microwave, Homemade chicken stew, the cuisine of Ecuador and a review of aromatic leaves..You can catch up with all the posts this week Carol Taylor’s Weekly Round Up

Thanks too for all your visits, comments and shares this week… they mean a great deal..♥

 On with the show…..

The Breakfast Show with William Price King and Sally Cronin – Chart Hits 2002 Part One – Nickelback, Ashanti, Las Ketchup, Kelly Clarkson

William Price King meets the Music Legends – #Classical – Luciano Pavarotti – The 1960s and Joan Sutherland

Spiritual Awareness -How Empaths Can Shield Negative Energies by D.G. Kaye

Memoir #Waterford #Ireland #History – The Colour of Life – The Rosary 1955

Milestones Along the Way – #Ireland #Waterford – How I met Joan by Geoff Cronin

Podcast – #Poetry – #DoubleEtheree The Robin -Size Doesn’t Matter by Sally Cronin

Size Matters: The Sequel – #Morbid Obesity – #Emotional Factors, Developing Willpower by Sally Cronin

Making Your Mark – Leaving a Legacy – And then… A Grand Exit That’ll Have Their Tongues Waggin’ by Peter Davidson

New Book on the Shelves -#Pre-order August 25th – #Fantasy – The Necromancer’s Daughter by D.Wallace Peach

– #Romance – Wrong Line, Right Connection by Karina Bartow

#GymAnnoyances #Toptenthings John W. Howell

#FlashFiction #Poetry by D.Wallace Peach

#TopTenThings – Gwen Plano by Marcia Meara

#Family #Wildlife by Pete Springer

‘Potluck – Lord of the Rings #Tolkien by Audrey Driscoll

#Poetry – #Earthday by Miriam Hurdle

First in Series – #Mystery James J. Cudney, #NorthernIreland #Thriller Jane Buckley

Sally goes out and about with with Judith Barrow, #review Olga Nunez Miret, #Monarchs Bette A. Stevens, #Marketing D.L. Finn, #Family Kit Troyer



Thanks for dropping in today and I hope you will pop in again next week… Sally.

40 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Blog Magazine – Weekly Round Up- 22nd – 28th September 2022 – #IrishDNA, Pavarotti, #Waterford, Empaths, #Obesity Podcast, Poetry, Book Reviews, Afternoon Videos

  1. I did my DNA too a while back. I found some relatives I didn’t know I had since my dad was adopted. I find it fascinating what we carry on from our ancestors. I had more Irish an I realized with Polish I didn’t know about. Thanks for another great weeking and including me in it. Xo

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  2. A very fun roundup, Sally. You’ve reminded me I need to rechecked my Ancestry DNA results (I know there have been updates). And that vid of the bunny with the puppies is over the top adorable. I just want to hug all three of them, LOL!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Another wonderful round-up, Sally. I did the Ancestry DNA a few years ago. I am mostly English (62%) with a 25% swath of Scotland running through me. The rest is Sweden & Denmark, Ireland, Norway, and a smidge of Germanic Europe. Funny thing about that, I grew up hearing about my “Native American” ancestors, only to discover they don’t exist. It’s amazing what gets passed down based on myth or misunderstanding.

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