Smorgasbord Blog Magazine – Weekly Round Up -August 29th – September 4th 2022 – Decluttering, Breakfast Show, Pavarotti, Food A-Z, Book Reviews, Podcast, Waterford, Weightloss and Humour

Welcome to the round up of posts you might have missed this week on Smorgasbord.

I hope you are well and have enjoyed your week so far. Nothing really to report on the home front this week as we are getting on with final jobs inside. We have not been out and about much the last three months but hope that once those jobs are done we can be a little more social.

As with most people at the moment we are aware of the energy issues associated with selling a larger house these days. But hope that the new windows, boiler and new central heating we have installed over the last few years have made it as efficient as possible. We also have wood burner and about 5 years worth of wood from the old trees we removed which might be a bonus for the new owner.

I have just finished a radical declutter of my clothes and now only have what I can wear summer and winter and some dresses that are just a wee bit too tight still and I hope to be in by Christmas. The ‘heels’ have all gone except for two pairs that are very dear to my heart, and I can get away with wearing provided I don’t have to walk far.  Somethings a girl keeps for life lol.   I have also given away many of my handbags accumulated over the last 40 years or so. I found some interesting little mementos as I checked them before sending to a charity shop, including some old currency, which shows how long it is since I used them. I hope they will be enjoyed by someone else for many years to come.

Contributor News this week.

William Price King joined me for The Breakfast Show and shared next post in the life and music of the great Pavarotti. Lovely to have him back from his summer break and we are looking forward to sharing much more music with you in the coming weeks. You can also find William Blog– IMPROVISATIONWilliam Price King on Tumblr

Debby Gies​ shares her review for Second Firsts by Christina Rasmussen – Grief, Loss and a Path to Healing, a book she definitely could relate to…head over to check Debby’s archives too D.G. Kaye

Carol Taylor was here on Wednesday with her next A-Z of food with the letter ‘F’… on her own blog she has some fantastic posts including Monday Musings, Aubergine and Potato Curry, Aromatic Leaves and Saturday Musings where ‘light’ is the prompt.. music, entertainment, and all things food.  Carol Taylor Weekly Round-up

Thank you too for all your visits, comments and shares during the week. As always very much appreciated…♥

On with the show…

The Breakfast Show with William Price King and Sally Cronin – Chart Hits 2002 Part Two – The Calling, Linkin Park, Atomic Kitten, Phil Collins 

William Price King meets the Music Legends – #Classical – Luciano Pavarotti – 1970s – Developing Recording Career

Carol Taylor’s – Culinary A – Z Rewind – ‘F’ for Figs, Finger limes, Flambe, Fenugreek, Fruit Pectin, Fugu

Smorgasbord Short Stories – Milestones Along the Way – #Waterford 1930s – The Banks (of The Suir) by Geoff Cronin

Milestones Along the Way – #Waterford 1940s – The Rural Electrification by Geoff Cronin

Size Matters: The Sequel – #Morbid Obesity -Before you Get Started – Managing People, Environment and expectations

#Poetry and #Flash – Farewell to Summer and White Washing by Sally Cronin

Smorgasbord Book Reviews – August 2022 – #History #WWII Joy Neal Kidney, #Ireland, #Romance #Recipes Mary Crowley, #Cancersurvival Miriam Hurdle, #Humour #Legacy Peter Davidson

Archives 2022- ‘Lucky Dip – #Furfamily #Cats D.L. Finn

#Depression #Semicolon by D.G. Kaye

New Book on the Shelves – #YA #Travel Amanda in France: Fire in the Cathedral (An Amanda Travels Adventure Book 9) by Darlene Foster

Summer Book Fair 2022 – #Historical Aislish Sinclair, #Crime Jane Risdon

#CrimeThriller Jaye Marie, #Contemporary Jessica Norrie

#Contemporary Anne Goodwin, #Cancer Miriam Hurdle

Hosts Debby Gies and Sally Cronin – Smart Feet and Marital Advice part one

Another Open Mic Night with author Daniel Kemp – Yorkshire Welcome, Children’s Views on life and Wisdom of a Tree


Thanks very much for dropping in and I hope you will join me again next week.

48 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Blog Magazine – Weekly Round Up -August 29th – September 4th 2022 – Decluttering, Breakfast Show, Pavarotti, Food A-Z, Book Reviews, Podcast, Waterford, Weightloss and Humour

  1. I am sorry for laughing out loud, Sally but “Pavatrotti” just cracked me up… Thank you for the mention, Sally.. I did the same as you when we came here.. Decluttered big time and now I buy nothing unless I really really love it and know I will wear it.. The exception is flip flops I just can’t resist… Xxx

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  2. Love the red shoes Sal. And I do know all about giving away our dear possessions. Good for you on the declutter scene, it takes a brave soul. ❤ Thanks again for another great week, and for the mention of my Sunday book review. Hugs xox

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  3. Decluttering is time-consuming and a bit overwhelming, but what a good feeling when you discover newfound space.

    I’m afraid I’ve bitten off more than I can chew these days with everything I’ve got going on, so blogging time will be more limited for the next six weeks. I’ll utilize the weekly round-up quite a bit in the next two months.

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  4. I have been working on decluttering too. I have to get rid of some purses too. Fun the things we find in them. Thanks for another great week and including me in it xo

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  5. When I got pregnant, my feet grew two sizes and never went back. I had to get rid of over 200 pairs of shoes, many of which were heels. My shoe collection is a lot smaller now (though by no means small), and there’s not a pair of heels in the mix. (Some wedges, but no heels anymore.)

    Great roundup.

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