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Explore the spiritual side of our natures as D.G. Kaye shares her experiences and research into this element of our lives.

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Empaths and Energy Sucking Vampires and Narcissists

Welcome back to my part three in this series of Empaths and Energies. In the first two episodes, I spoke of empaths and how to shield negative energies. In this segment I am using the popular term used for those that drain our energies – Vampires.

It should be no big surprise that empaths attract both, energy sucking vampires and narcissists, who are often associated as being energy sucking vampires as well. As I spoke about before, empaths absorb the emotions of others, are sensitive to other’s energies, and often are like human lie detectors. As an empath myself, I often refer to myself as a ‘soul reader’.

A soul reader is a highly in-tuned empath who has the uncanny ability to read between the lines when people speak – or don’t speak. We can see the invisible mask. we can hear the words that are unspoken, we know what goodness or mal intentions are held secretly when we hear their words and even the words omitted.

Empaths often attract people with problems because of their sympathetic natures, but are also an open target for energy vampires and narcissists because of their open vulnerability to receive energies – good and bad. Empaths often hide their own problems and have an overwhelming want to try and solve the problems for others. Narcissists in particular, can spot this vulnerability. Weaker and troubled souls are often attracted to empaths because an empath’s personality gives off the energy that they are compassionate and open to receive. Narcissists especially love to gravitate to empaths because they see us as easy targets to manipulate because of our open to receive nature.

Energy sucking vampires are often deeply wounded individuals who have been hurt in their current or past lives. They may have been beaten, demeaned, or bullied themselves and wish to project same onto others. They may have grown up in abusive families. They have somehow been unempowered somewhere in their lives, which can instill a sense of entitlement as a compensation for something they didn’t receive when they were younger, or worse, because of mental or physical abuse or neglect they experienced at some point in their lives, such as unresolved childhood pain. Often, these people cannot see the light so they create scenarios where they must put themselves in the spotlight to feel empowered and better about themselves.

Narcissists often adopt behaviors that will help them gain favor from people. They lack compassion, remorse and refuse to acknowledge or admit the errors of their ways. Sadly, positive psychology won’t heal a narcissist or an energy sucking vampire because these people would never admit their weaknesses. Empaths must learn how vampires operate and help themselves because vampires don’t change. An empath’s biggest struggle is to learn ‘no contact’ with such individuals. Many empaths have had a vampire parent. I most certainly can say I did. I grew up with a narcissistic, energy sucking vampire, known as my mother.

It took me over 50 years to learn how to deal with my own mother. It was painful to be around her, and even as a young child, I knew instinctively something wasn’t right with her.

I analyzed her for 50 years before I figured out why out of us four children, she sucked the most from me and preyed on my emotions and compassion – because she knew how vulnerable I was to emotions, knew she could manipulate me with guilt, and knew how much I feared her to stray from her stronghold. But I finally put it all together, and after years of literally feeling as though my insides were being torn out and twisted by my mother’s reign, I did the hardest thing I ever had to do, despite how sad I felt to abandon her. I walked away. I stopped lowering my vibrations to her level to continually appease her. Being addicted to rescuing others is dangerous to our health.

So what can we do to help our empathic selves from becoming drained by these narcissists and energy sucking vampires?

  • We need to use positive affirmations. You know the saying – you are what you think or feel? When we’re subjected to negative energies, we feel low and vulnerable. It’s just as easy to feel energy and empowerment by saying positive things to ourselves.
  • Stand in the light. By standing in light, we don’t get trapped in an energy sucker’s sufferings if we set boundaries.
  • Practice self-love. Feelings that are acknowledged become the energy that flows within us. Even negative feelings should be acknowledged by thanking those feelings and let them know we are sorry for their pain, then dismiss them.
  • Self-love doesn’t take away anything from others, but boosts our own energy banks.
  • When you have exhausted every available method to no avail, learn to walk away. We must create boundaries to save our own sanity.
  • And most importantly, BE THE LIGHT. Vampires can’t tolerate the light!

The videos below will help you establish if you are a Highly Sensitive Empath

10 Signs You are a Highly Sensitive Empath

There are several types of empaths. If you are curious to learn about these various types of empaths for your own curiosity or to help discover which type of empath you may be, please watch the videos below to help you discover if you fit in to any of these categories.

Is there an energy vampire sucking the light from your life?

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My thanks to Debby for another fascinating exploration of the world of an empath . I know she would love to hear from you.

Next time:How Do You Know If You Are An Empath – The Signs

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I love to tell stories that have lessons in them, and hope to empower others by sharing my own experiences. I write raw and honest about my own experiences, hoping through my writing, that others can relate and find that there is always a choice to move from a negative space, and look for the positive.


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One of the many reviews for Conflicted Hearts

Reviewed in the United States on January 25, 2021

“Conflicted Hearts” is a wonderful insight of a girl growing up with an unavailable mother and father lost in that world. I could easily relate to the role of caretaker being thrust on a young girl and the guilt she carried. The blame her paternal grandparents had toward her because her father had to marry her mother was heavy, as was her parents’ on and off living arrangements and mother’s self-absorption toward her children. The guilt followed Ms. Kaye into adulthood, as she always tried to do the right thing. I appreciated how mistakes made had given her the lessons needed.

One situation that made me cringe was during a trip to Greece and a broken foot. But people came into her life just when they were needed. I found that very heartening. It was hard to read about the abusive relationship she ended up in, and I was relieved when they parted ways. I loved watching the author make her way to her happily ever after. I found this an inspiring journey of how Ms. Kaye navigated her home life and then left it behind to find herself and love. I highly recommend this memoir. 

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110 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Blog Magazine – Spiritual Awareness – Empaths and Energy Sucking Vampires and Narcissists by D.G. Kaye

  1. “Being addicted to rescuing others is dangerous to our health.”
    When I was teaching criminology, I would tell my students that they are not saviors for so many in the program felt that they would “save” people from their miseries. There is a difference between wanting to help and wanting to save. And one cannot help someone who does not want to help him or herself.
    However painful it was for you to walk away from your mother’s negative energy it also was very courageous of you to do so. A healthy choice. ❤
    Very interesting series, Debby.

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  2. I think you’re really onto something with your comment about how some people prey on those who are more vulnerable to emotions. They usually are master manipulators, and the victim is made to feel guilty.

    Liked by 3 people

      • Most definitely. It’s one of the most interesting phenomenons about child development. In the early elementary years, I’m convinced that kids don’t fixate on differences. They don’t care about color, religion, politics, etc. There is a beautiful innocence in that they simply want to be friends. By the time they are in upper elementary, they are much more a victim of seeing differences such as wealth and status. I have to think that’s a learned behavior—how sad is that?

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  3. Debby, you showed such courage in stepping away from your Mother. Souls who live through control and manipulation will not change. An interesting and informative article. Thank you for writing it and thank you, Sally, for sharing. ❤ xXx ❤ ❤

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thank you my lovely UB. We must experience and hopefully learn from. It took me decades, but I was always looking for a path. I hope my words can help others. ❤ xxx

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  5. This is such a comprehensive post, Debby. My first husband was a narcissist. At the time, I didn’t even know what that was, and it took a while for me to understand I couldn’t live with that. I love your tips for protecting ourselves and especially standing in the light. Darkness cannot stay where there is light. Thank you for sharing! And thank you, Sally, for giving Debby this platform.

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  6. The vampires amongst us can leave us so drained, we’re unable to help those who want to be helped. They can also impact negatively on our own emotional and mental wellbeing and so I’m right behind you on this one. Fascinating post, Debby! ♥♥

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  7. So interesting and informative, Debby. I’m not sure that narcissists and energy vampires are truly aware of their behaviors, and so it’s up to empaths to do self-check-ins and maintain strong boundaries. It’s hard to do, especially when it’s so easy to see the pain and need behind those behaviors. But getting sucked in isn’t healthy for anyone. We have to own our behaviors and let others own theirs. Wonderful post. Thanks, my friend, and thanks, Sally, for sharing the series.

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  8. Another good post, Debby 🙂 I have had many of those vampires in my life. Sometimes its hard to see past the wanting to help. Many I have had to walk away from, the ones I can’t I have learned to pay attention. You advice about keeping in that light. I find the vampires don’t like it there 🙂

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  9. Much as it amuses me to think of one of the USA’s ex presidents as a vampire, I do appreciate how dreadful a narcissist would be for an empath. I sometimes feel as if people latch on to me like leeches and drain my energy. This is a common issue, I think, for people who are generous. There are some people who take advantage of people they view as soft touches.

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  11. I often have found being in the company of friends and family who constantly ‘take’ my energy. I come away drained and haven’t learnt to protect myself in those instances. Thank you for sharing your experiences, your words are encouraging and positive that I can do more to shield myself from such people.

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  13. This is a wonderfully informative article, Debby and Sally. We’ve all been victims of people who suck away our energy. I think some are more susceptible than others. I’ve learned to pull away from people like this. I wish I’d known these facts when I worked. I never understood the stress I was under. Thanks again for a wonderful article. 💜

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  15. Debby knows all too well what she is talking about, and her advice is born from personal experience and her successful efforts to survive and lead a full life. Thanks for sharing this post with us, Sally and to Debby for her generosity.

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  16. Another fascinating article, thank you, Debby and Sally. I hadn’t heard the word vampire used this way before, but I can identify. I know some of those people.
    I was surprised to see Mark Zuckerberg’s photograph in the first video. I wouldn’t have thought of him as an empath, but then I don’t know him either, so shouldn’t judge.

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  17. Excellent insights into empaths and narcissists, Debby. You’ve described my twin sister perfectly. It took me years to let go of that damaging relationship. Thanks for sharing! Hugs 💕🙂

    Sally, thanks for sharing Debby’s fantastic empath series. Hugs 💕🙂

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  18. I always think you were so brave to walk away from your mother. I could never have done that – the guilt I would have felt would have spoiled the rest of my life. I’ve learned that you cannot change people – you can only change yourself. x

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  19. Hi Debby, thanks for sharing your experiences and knowledge. It is beneficial to me to read these articles and it helps me with my dealings with people. While not an empath like you, I am a real softie and people always try to take advantage of me, especially at work.

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  20. Glad to finish the full post and love that point about the light !
    And posts like this are important (not just for empaths) because we all encounter those who drain ! Especially those folks with mood disorders

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  21. Fabulous article. The 10 Types of Empaths video was enlightening.
    I do have some of the traits.
    When I left home, I moved to a different city, leaving the vampires behind. I got rid of another vampire 20 years ago, but It took years. Another was working the way in, but I cut it off at the pass.
    I’m a lot more careful now, in my older & wiser years.

    Thank you Sally and Debby!

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