Smorgasbord Blog Magazine – Podcast – #Flash Fiction – Rock Star and Splashing Good Time by Sally Cronin

Over last few weeks I have shared some syllabic poetry and 99 word flash fiction from my collection Life’s Rich Tapestry…woven in words

Today – two pieces of flash…..


Rock Star

The performance came to a climax, the singer whipping sweat laden hair around in a frenzy. Voice gravelly with fatigue, he growled out the final lyrics, gyrating across the stage. The last notes faded to the roar of the crowd. Thrusting his guitar above his head, he backed into the wings. Grabbing a towel he headed to his dressing room, eager for what waited for him. He sat back in the chair satisfied. Nothing like a fish paste sandwich and glass of cold milk to end the night. He smiled at the woman. ‘Thanks Mum just what I needed.’

Splashing Good Time

Her husband insisted she was incapable of learning to drive, refusing to pay for lessons as a waste of time and money. After seven years she found her own voice, and grateful there were no children to witness her failure, she left. With a new job, cottage and money to make her own way, she passed her driving test first time, and purchased a small car. One day torrential rain filled the drains, creating deep puddles each side of the road. She saw him walking along the pavement. Smiling, she swished passed him, creating a wonderfully drenching big splash.

©Sally Cronin 2022

One of the reviews for Life’s Rich Tapestry: Woven in Words

Apr 26, 2020 John Maberry rated it Five Stars

The book lives up to its title–indeed, Sally Cronin has woven a rich tapestry of life in words of many kinds. A variety of poetry–in forms unfamiliar in name to me, microfiction and short stories. What’s more, the graphic imagery of the short poems is inspiring to a person like me who has never really found poetry either appealing or easily understood. This time, for a change, the words grabbed me. I found meaningful passages that could be useful as well in prose writing as in poetry. Examples I must return to in settings or other places where showing and not telling is essential.

The microfiction and short stories were equally compelling, all the more so for me who is focused on those forms of writing. So, perhaps I too should consider the combination of ingredients that Sally Cronin published in this book. She is a writer worth reading

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  1. As diana says so much in so few words! I also love the twists you give to the endings of all your lovely tales. I’m reading this book at the moment and really loving it – so much variety and so many moods. xx

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  2. Loved The Rock Star. The onstage description was wonderful, and the twist at the end. I would have loved to have managed a rock star like that! No backstage punch-ups, hissy fits, and drama. Loved it. such fun FF Sally, all of them. Thanks and well done. Tweeted. xx

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