Smorgasbord Book Promotions – Book Review Round Up January 2023 – #Montana Linda Bradley, #Romance Jill Weatherholt, #Family Judith Barrow, #Romance Staci Troilo, #poetry #loss Harmony Kent

I had some very enjoyable post Christmas reading and here are my reviews for January 2023.

Another wonderful addition to the books set in Montana by Linda Bradley Unbranded (Montana Bred Series 1)

My review for the book 7th January 2023

It was great to meet up again with Maggie Mcintyre and her family whose story was shared in the Maggie’s Way and other Montana Bound Series books.

Chloe has inherited the grit and love of Montana and cattle ranching from her grandparents and has been lovingly nurtured by her father and step-mother Maggie. The baggage that Chloe is carrying around based on her father’s failed marriage and her absent mother’s lack of presence in her life, has made her form strong opinions about relationships. Not just romantic but with the cowboys she works with. She is ambitious and keen to carve out a future for herself her on the family ranch, and sometimes that is at odds with her father’s wishes but also her safety and that of her unborn child.

She is loved, and the author has created a wonderful support system around this feisty and stubborn young woman as she navigates the intricate interactions with the other main characters in the story. As the plot develops, Chloe learns much about herself and where the future might lie.

The author paints a detailed and engaging world on a busy cattle ranch and takes us along for the ride. All the characters are interesting and play their part in the evolving story, keeping the reader engaged and turning the pages. The romance is subtle and heartwarming and I can recommend to readers who enjoy a gentle but compelling story.

Read the reviews and buy the book: Amazon USAnd: Amazon UK

I thoroughly enjoyed the lovely romance with the focus on family by Jill Weatherholt – Searching for Home

My review for the book 25th January 2023

This is a story about second chances and family that is both heartwarming and romantic.

Sometimes you just want to curl up with a book that offers a great story combined with elements that keep you turning the pages and this book certainly fits the bill.

We have all been touched during out lives by abandonment in one way or another, rejection, unfulfilled expectations and sometimes love. When they happen in childhood and the teen years this can influence how you view the world and relationships.

This is the case with the two lead characters in this story Luke Beckett and Meg Brennan. They are both successful in their respective careers, but each of them are carrying painful memories from the past that is preventing them from finding love. It is also a burden that three young children are carrying after being abandoned by their parents into the care of Meg their aunt.

The connection is fragile between them all at the beginning of the book but the author does an excellent job of untangling the misunderstandings of the past and building new and stronger bonds for the future. Home and family are the centre of this story cemented with a growing romance between two people who thought their chance of love had been lost for ever. Combined with the fellowship and generous spirit offered by those on the rodeo circuit and the townsfolk, this book warms the heart.

I have no hesitation in recommending this book and look forward to reading others by the author.

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This is my review for the much anticipated latest family saga, Sisters by Judith Barrow,

My review for the book 14th January 2023

This is another exceptional book by Judith Barrow which will delight the fans of her storytelling.

One of the strongest and most enduring relationships is between siblings. This is particularly the case when one brother or sister is older and more experienced, and takes a younger sibling under their wing to guide and protect them.

Two sisters, Mandy and Angie have that kind of relationship. Until one day, a tragedy forces them apart and causes a split in their family that lasts many years.

The author has created compelling characters who exhibit the strengths and frailties of human nature as well as the dark side to love. As a reader it is easy to identify with both sisters as they follow a different path in life and to empathise with the choices they make, even if at times it is distressing.

The evil that becomes central to their family’s survival offers some heart stopping moments. The two sisters have to find a way back to each other to rebuild their lives and their relationship, however dangerous that might be.

This is a book I have no hesitation in recommending to lovers of family sagas and cleverly written thrillers. It is hard to put down once started, and keeps the reader engaged to the last page.

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If you are looking for a heartwarming romantic novella  then look no further by Staci Troilo – Pour It On (Keystone Couples Novella)

My review for the novella January 21st 2023

A lovely heartwarming romance to cheer up wintery days.

Life is complicated, especially when in the midst of a crisis, a major miscommunication threatens a business and causes personal turmoil. The last thing that Romy Chandler needs having worked so hard to build her business, is to be left in the lurch at the start of a busy week of events and St. Valentine’s Day. Trying not to panic, she attempts to find a solution as quickly as possible, pulling in favours and preparing to step into the breach if necessary.

Romance is the last thing on her mind and yet when a handsome stranger turns up the room and her life light up. Unfortunately both of them have different agendas and it looks like the fireworks between them will ruin both their plans.

However, the author cleverly through the use of witty and increasingly intimate dialogue leads Romy and Rick through the tangled web they have created towards a HEA ending.

If you love wine, romance and excellently written novellas then this is the perfect vintage for you.

Head over to read the reviews and buy the book: Amazon US –  And:  Amazon UK

Finally my review for the compelling poetry collection Sorrowful Soul (Book 3 in the Soul Poetry Series) by Harmony Kent

My review for the collection January 28th 2023

The subject of death has been portrayed in fiction and poetry for centuries, and used to instil fear in billions across the religions from pagan times. It is a natural fear of the unknown, and that is something difficult to comprehend and overcome. However, what is very real is the grief that we will all face in this world, when we love and lose those close to us.

Harmony Kent in her previous two collections in this series has demonstrated a wonderful understanding of the human condition. Her own life experiences were at times devastatingly challenging, but reading her poetry you realise how strong her belief in the human spirit remains, and how great her empathy is for others.

This third collection deals with death, and the aftermath for those left behind. She takes us through stages of grief from the shock and disbelief, denial, guilt, anger and the need to bargain with the higher powers, depression, loneliness and reflection, acceptance and moving on with life. Even though the loss has changed you in many ways including your perspective of the future, you need to live in order to honour those who have left us.

Clearly the poems are heartbreaking at times, but they also resonate with any of us who have lost loved ones. Rather than being depressing, it is comforting to know that whilst grief is unique to us as individuals, it also has common triggers, a pattern and a process, and whilst the hole in our lives and hearts may never fully mend, there is hope and we can build a future for ourselves.

I can recommend this collection without reservation. There are many poems that struck a chord for me, and I am sure will do for others, but I am closing this review on one of the final poems that offers hope.


Throw those curtains
Let in the daylight
Banish the dead of night
It’s time to revive

You’ve made it to the other side
Regained your lost sight
Discovered a hidden might
It’s time to revive

Though you tried
To follow your love into the night
Your final promise kept you in the light
It’s time to revive

No more places to hide
It wouldn’t be right
To resist and prolong the fight
It’s time to revive

You’ve made it to the other side
Regained your lost sight
Discovered a hidden might
It’s time to revive

Throw those curtains wide
Let in the daylight
Banish the dead of night
It’s time to revive

©Harmony Kent 2023

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Thank you for dropping in today and I hope you will be leaving with some books Sally


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