Smorgasbord Blog Magazine – Podcast #Poetry #Flash Fiction – Lullaby and The Charm Bracelet by Sally Cronin

Some more poetry and flash fiction from one of my collections.

Today, the first songs a baby may hear is its mother or father singing them to sleep, with some enhancements depeding on the babies needs at the time…. and taking the first step into a new world or environment is made easier if you are sent on your way with love.

Lullaby and The Charm Bracelet by Sally Cronin


to sing
a lullaby
you must first consider
preferences of the baby

a jolly song
aimed to make them chortle
to wave their hands around with glee

slow and gentle
soothing a fractious mood
or the soreness of teething gums

deep toned
to reassure
those fearing the shadows
now allayed by a father’s voice

a foreign tongue
but words that mothers sing
to babies all around the world


The Charm Bracelet.

Keira stood in line with the other teenagers. Dressed in plain cotton overalls, the queue stretched back for miles. Above them, lining the cliff edges, were their families, held back by a tall fence. She looked down at the silver charm bracelet her mother had placed around her wrist as she had said her tearful goodbyes.

‘This will remind you of the old world my daughter, and our love.’

Keira finally reached the head of the line and was called forward by the guardians.
Placing her hand over the bracelet, she stepped through the portal, into the new world.
©Sally Cronin 2023

One of the recent  reviews for my latest collection. 

A beautiful collection of short stories and poetry that cover life, love, loss and the natural world around us. The title encapsulates the content wonderfully it is a beautifully written book with my favourites being the short stories particularly the elderly couple and their beloved pet and the healer both of which tugged at my heartstrings… 

Thank you for listening and if you would like to know more about my books and their reviews you can find them on my books page My books and reviews 2023


41 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Blog Magazine – Podcast #Poetry #Flash Fiction – Lullaby and The Charm Bracelet by Sally Cronin

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  2. Lovely reading, Sally. I remember both of these beautiful pieces. The poem is absorbing…with the last word in each stanza holding the listener/reader. And the charm bracelet is very touching. Sending a hug… 🤗

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  3. What a beautiful lullaby, Sally, that reminds me of when I used to sing the short lullaby that I wrote for our children. Precious memories so many years ago…
    And your wonderful fiction was so touching. Thank you for sharing!
    By the way, I’m working on a review for Variety is the Spice of Life that I’ll post with some others. It should be live in the next week or two. I’m not sure if you follow me, but keep your eyes open. Or I can email you, whichever you prefer. I loved your book and you are such a gifted storyteller and poet. 💗

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