Smorgasbord Blog Magazine – Podcast #Poetry #Flash Fiction – Dolphins and Winning by Sally Cronin

Some more poetry and flash fiction from one of my collections.

Today dolphins hunt and play in the ocean and a young man discovers the true meaning of winning.



of sea dwellers
undulate with grace
synchronized skill to hunt
to herd their prey into shoals
with deadly force clicks and whistles
well practiced over millions of years
hunger needs sacrifice to be sated
with full bellies it is now time to play
oceanic clowns on hunt for fun
to frolic and gambol in waves
crests to surf and depths to dive
somersaults in the sun
a school of dolphins
classmates and kin
bound for life
in their

Free Tartan Track Athletics photo and picture

Winning by Sally Cronin

They heckled the last in the pack on the track as he struggled to keep up with the rest of the runners. Even in the lead position Peter could hear their jeers and laughter. One more lap and the race would be over and it was going to be a triumph for him, but a bitter disappointment for his friend Michael. As the seconds ticked by Peter thought about what winning this race would mean for him. Then he dropped back and ran by the side of the person who really mattered and they would cross the line together.

©Sally Cronin 2023

One of the recent  reviews for my latest collection. 

Mark Bierman 6th February 2023

We’re just climbing out of a deep freeze that saw temperatures plummet to below -30 Celsius, that’s around -22 Fahrenheit for my southern friends. I can hear your teeth chattering from here.

So of course, I went skiing with my Dad. Just a pair of Canucks wrapped like Egyptian mummies, snow pants crinkling like cellophane giftwrap, careening downhill, as a toothy wind whistled across our goggles and helmets. A tad bit loopy? Perhaps. But a bonding and pleasant memory forged, another chapter written in our life stories . . . that’s a certainty.

In my opinion, that’s precisely what this wonderful compilation of poetry and short stories is about. A blend more satisfying than a cup of freshly brewed specialty coffee on a sunny back yard deck in late June. Perhaps I’m being watched by a marmalade cat who disapproves of my intrusion into her afternoon routine of prowling the garden.

The world spins billions of individual tales every day; most go unnoticed. That caterpillar munching on that leaf may struggle with a desire to remain wingless, despite the insistence of the butterflies that his inclination is unnatural.

Guilty secrets, locked for decades, in the conscience of an elderly woman are laid bare for a beloved few, while a village holds its collective breath as it awaits some devastating news.

We never know when a smile or small act of kindness may save a life.

Reading this book is like sitting on the front porch with a trusted friend as he shares some cherished lore. Every now and again, he pauses to give you an earnest glance before speaking in a gentle voice. “And this is the way of things, not all bad, and not all good.”

I recommend this book to those who appreciate fine wordsmithing about discovering gems hidden in the guise of the mundane.

Have I enticed you to learn more and grab your copy?  

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  1. I love your flash of kindness! It gave me a nice lift. I also love your dolphin poem. One of my fondest memories of Virginia is walking along the beach with my husband and watching the dophins at play. (Much better than seeing them in a tank.)

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  2. You capture so much in The Dolphin and I particularly loved the way they go from hunting food to hunting some fun and pleasure. Then I read Winning and I still, still have the goosebumps – magic! Mark’s review is terrific, too. ♥♥


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