Smorgasbord Book Promotions – #Review – #Africa #Wildlife #Poetry – Lion Scream: Syllabic Poetry About Southern African Wildlife by Robbie Cheadle

Delighted to share the news of Robbie Cheadle’s latest release and my review. A stunning syllabic poetry collection in celebration of Africa’s wildlife. Lion Scream: Syllabic Poetry About Southern African Wildlife

About the collection

Do you rely on Earth for your survival?

Lion Scream is a graphic collection of poetry and prose. The book portrays the author’s experiences with South African wildlife and the growing impact of the Sixth Mass Extinction and Climate Change on the natural environment.

Lion Scream
There is no jungle
Only acres of smooth stumps
There is no jungle
No habitat, no food source
Hopeless lion screams tonight

My review for the collection March 20th 2023

This is a collection of poetry, essays and a short story highlighting both the wonder of the wildlife of South Africa and the tragic decrease in the number of these amazing creatures who have populated the earth for many thousands of years largely due to man’s predation in one way or another.

The poetry captures in 99 syllables the beauty and the tragedy with skill and insight. I particularly liked Hippopotamus (“Hippo”) – Don’t be fooled and Jackal Love although all have great appeal and are thought provoking. There is also a wonderful and entertaining acknowledgement of the natures of the animals, reptiles, birds and insects that are featured. The poems are complemented by stunning photography of wildlife and scenery taken on holidays across this beautiful country.

It is clear that conservation is a key element of the preservation of most of the endangered species, and the author shares links to many of the videos that she has filmed on trips to sanctuaries around South Africa. It is also evident that for all that is done to increase the numbers of animals at risk, there are many who are determined to undermine their efforts.

It is a reflection of this that rhinos, for example, in sanctuaries have their horns removed to dissuade poachers.

The short story at the end sadly reflects on how the impact of our modern world and the fears of the future, prey on the minds of the younger generation, who struggle under that burden.

This collection is educational and brings the individual creatures and their challenges to thrive into sharp focus. It is also entertaining and having access to the many videos filmed by the author adds an added element to their stories. It will leave you more aware of their plight but also marvelling in their beauty.

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Robbie Cheadle

About Robbie Cheadle

Robbie Cheadle is a South African children’s author and poet with eleven children’s books and two poetry books.

The eight Sir Chocolate children’s picture books, co-authored by Robbie and Michael Cheadle, are written in sweet, short rhymes which are easy for young children to follow and are illustrated with pictures of delicious cakes and cake decorations. Each book also includes simple recipes or biscuit art directions which children can make under adult supervision.

Robbie and Michael have also written Haunted Halloween Holiday, a delightful fantasy story for children aged 5 to 9. Count Sugular and his family hire a caravan to attend a Halloween party at the Haunted House in Ghost Valley. This story is beautifully illustrated with Robbie’s fondant and cake art creations.

Robbie has also published two books for older children which incorporate recipes that are relevant to the storylines.

Robbie has two adult novels in the paranormal historical and supernatural fantasy genres published under the name Roberta Eaton Cheadle. She also has short stories, in the horror and paranormal genre, and poems included in several anthologies.

Robbie Cheadle contributes two monthly posts to, namely, Growing Bookworms, a series providing advice to caregivers on how to encourage children to read and write, and Treasuring Poetry, a series aimed at introducing poetry lovers to new poets and poetry books.

In addition, Roberta Eaton Cheadle contributes one monthly post to called Dark Origins: African Myths and Legends which shares information about the cultures, myths and legends of the indigenous people of southern Africa.


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  1. Hi Sally, I am so delighted you appreciated Lion Scream and its messaging as a nature conservation book and teaching instrument. I am always intrigued by which poems readers enjoy the most, it is different for everyone. Thanks again for your support 🤗💖

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  2. A fabulous review, Sally. I enjoyed this book too. Robbie’s love for South Africa’s wildlife came through loud and clear, as well as her concern over their decimation and their future. I enjoyed the way she used her poetry and reflections to educate too. Huge congrats to Robbie!

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  3. Great review, Sally, and another to add to the list of Robbie’s newest book. It’s already become a favourite of many readers, deservedly. Congratulations!

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  4. What a wonderful review for Robbie’s new book, Sally. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Everything I see about this book speaks of its beauty. It’s on my list. Congratulations to Robbie!

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  5. Congratulations to Robbie on her latest book. I’m sure this book grabs the heart as much as it’s informational about the animal’s welfares. Beautiful review Sally. ❤

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  7. Sally, the poem you share in the review of Robbie’s latest book gave me chills. “the lion screams tonight” – Robbie – what a GREAT way of changing up a song’s verse to make an impactful point. Wonderful review – this collection should be read worldwide.

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  8. Excellent review, Sally, and that poem is so powerful. I loved Robbie’s book; the information she provided in poetic form was wonderful. But as an animal lover, the message came through loud and clear and it’s beyond heartbreaking.
    On a lighter note, her photos were stunning! Congrats again to Robbie! xo

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