Smorgasbord Blog Magazine – Weekly Round Up – April 3rd – 9th 2023 – Spring Festival, Pirate Ships, Big Band Era, Visitors in our lives, Digestive system, book reviews, Bloggers and funnies.

Welcome to the posts you might have missed this week on Smorgasbord.

Happy Easter and also to those of you celebrating Passover this week. Whilst I am not religious, for me this weekend each year celebrates the start of spring and the hope that it brings. The natural world is waking up and bursting into colour. The birds in the garden are in full courting mode and have been putting on some wonderful displays of athleticism which sadly often end up in rejection by the look of it, but they get A for effort.

A cat has taken to popping in several times a week and I think probably her owners go to work and let her out as she is absent at the weekend. She also disappears around 5pm when she does visit so I guess that his when her family return from work or school.

I will admit to shooing her out of the garden in the past because of the birds, but she started keeping me company when I sat outside or was doing gardening and was happy to follow me around and lie in patches of sunlight. She showed no inclination to chase the birds who were feeding, but she has taken a dislike to the crows who tend to mob the feeder, and she wandered over the other day and lay beneath it. The smaller birds took advantage of this whilst the crows voiced their disapproval from the telegraph wire at the back of the garden. She gave them a disparaging look and carried on with her guard duty and her company and affectionate behaviour are an added bonus.

This week with the dry weather we have been taking our morning walks down by the sea and along the edge of the harbour. Whilst it has been very windy it offered a chance to indulge in a little tomfoolery…..there is a pirate ship down on the point and I couldn’t resist taking it out for a spin lol. I am captain of my own ship as they say….

As always my thanks to my friends who contribute to the blog…

William Price King joined me this week for the Big Band Era with Tommy Dorsey, Glen Campbell and the featured dance The Tango. On Friday he shared the last post in the series on the music icon Stevie Wonder….Next week the start of another series featuring Natalie Cole.  You can also find William Blog– IMPROVISATIONWilliam Price King on Tumblr

Debby Gies​ was here on Monday with another of her posts in the Spiritual Awareness series and this time explores the impact of the people who seem to come into our lives at the right time and she also foraged for some great funnies during the week. On her own blog this week you can find an entertaining post with more adventures from her time in Mexico, a five star review for Lauren Scott’s heartwarming collection More Than Coffee, and also a lovely tribute to the love of her life ‘G’ who died two years ago this week. Follow the link to Debby’s blog to browse her archives D.G. Kaye

Carol Taylor will be here on Wednesday with her A-Z of food and the letter ‘U’. On her own blog you can  catch up on all of Carol’s posts this week on Monday Musings a look at the natural world, the impact of Chernobyl and its devastation and a poem in the early 20th century which is still relevant today. In the Green Kitchen a recipe for Hot Cross Buns, so delicious they can be eaten all year… also a reminder that store bought bread, especially the cheaper brands have a great deal more salt in them than you think.. For this post and others this week head over to enjoy Carol Taylor – In my kitchen

..Thank you very much for your visits, comments and shares to social media, as always it is appreciated ♥

On with the show…

The Big Band Era with William Price King and Sally Cronin – 1930s – Tommy Dorsey, Glenn Miller, The Tango

William Price King Meets Music Legends – #Jazz #Soul #Stevie Wonder – 1990s and Beyond

Spiritual Awareness – Life Lessons – Meeting People for Reasons and Seasons by D.G. Kaye

The Lost Sheep by Geoff Cronin


The Body our Greatest Asset – The Digestive System Part Five – Pancreas, Gallbladder and Intestines by Sally Cronin

New Book on the Shelves – #Murder Death at the Asylum: Rhe Brewster Mystery Series, Book 5 by N. A. Granger

New Book on the Shelves – #1930s #Family Saga #Romance #Mystery -The Luck by Kathy Biggs

Book Review – #WWII – Code Name: Iron Spear 1941 by Allan Hudson

Previous Reviews from 2022 – #Psychological #Thriller – Where There’s Doubt by Terry Tyler

Meet the Authors 2023 – #Memoir D.G. Kaye, #Mystery #Dementia Sharon Marchisello, #Paranormal Marcia Meara

Meet the Authors 2023 – #Westerns #Romance Sandra Cox, #Family #Ireland Mary Crowley, #Fantasy Richard Dee

#Veterans Day 2022 by Gwen Plano

Four Summer Poems #TuesdayTidabit #Poetry #Inspiration by Abbie Taylor

#Writing – Great Ideas: Search and Find by Andrew McDowell

Hosts Sally Cronin and Debby Gies – Chat Rooms and The Ark

Hosts Sally Cronin and Debby Gies – Fries and Fish Heads


Thanks for dropping in today and I hope you will join me again next week.. Sally ♥

38 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Blog Magazine – Weekly Round Up – April 3rd – 9th 2023 – Spring Festival, Pirate Ships, Big Band Era, Visitors in our lives, Digestive system, book reviews, Bloggers and funnies.

  1. What a great week, Sally, crammed FULL of goodies. (The husband surprising his wife made me cry. *sniff*) And thanks for including me and my Emissary series in with all this fun and talent. You are STILL rockin’, my friend, and I’m filled with awe at all you do to support your fellow authors and others! 🤗❤️🤗

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  2. You look a natural at the helm, Sally! That cat story really tugged at my heart strings – I expect you’re watching out for her all the time now! xx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. How nice you have a cat visitor and it gets along with the birds. The one cat we let outside doesn’t bother the birds either. Great picture and I’m excited for all the life blooming around.

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