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Explore the spiritual side of our natures as D.G. Kaye shares her experiences and research into this element of our lives.

You can find part fifteen of the series: Timing of people and events in our lives

Welcome back to my spiritual awareness series. As I recently had a session with a Medium who channels spirit and angels, I thought I’d write about the difference between soul mates and life partners.

Soul Mates and Life Partners – What’s the Difference?

I thought I had two soul mates. One is my BFF, Zan, in the UK, and I thought the other is/was my husband. But I was informed differently after a session with the Medium who channeled my husband. She clarified to me the difference between a soul mate and a life partner. They are similar, both having soul connection, except soul mates are also on the same wavelength, whereas life partners don’t necessarily have to have that mind connection, it’s more about the heart connection.

What is a Soul mate?

A soul mate brings us lessons to learn and enters our lives to enrich us and guide us into opening up a new chapter in our lives. Some soul mates may disappear from our lives once the lessons have been delivered, and some may show up again at other times in our lives. Other soul mates will remain in our lives – if we are lucky enough to find one. Soul mates recognize each other instantly by experiencing a feeling of familiarity upon first meeting, the energies attract, yet, this doesn’t necessarily mean our soul mate is a love attraction.

We recognize a soul mate when we feel we can bear our souls openly without judgements and be completely free with that person about who we are inside and out. This is a mutual understanding between both souls. Again, a soul mate can definitely be our spouse, but this isn’t always the norm. There are romantic and platonic soul mates. Generally speaking, a soul mate is someone we mesh beautifully with in thinking, values, likes, and they come into our lives to teach us something. But for many, a soul mate is much more. For instance, we often can feel or ‘know’ what they’re thinking, and sometimes even what they are up to without speaking. We will often find the ability to finish each other’s sentences. Soul mates help us, and often our hearts, evolve and help to improve and enrich our lives by helping to transform us and elevate our lives.

A soul connection with someone feels as though we connected on a same soul level. A soul mate is someone we feel a deep, natural affinity with, someone our soul recognizes and resonates with spiritually. Usually, there is a common bond which has brought the two souls together. This can be in friendships or relationships of the heart. When we find this person, we just know. It’s a special bond that makes us feel as though we’ve known that person in another life. Sometimes soul mates in our life come into our lives because we’ve made a pre-destined pact in a past life to be together in this life, in various capacities.

What are the Elements of a Soul Mate?

Often this person will give us the feeling we’ve met before in another life, and often that is the case. That feeling of deja vu we experience with them is often just that, a feeling you’ve been together before doing something just like in the moment you experience the feeling. Many soul mates together in another life choose to come back to same soul mates, so that is where the ‘familiarity’ can come from. Soul mates often have a mental connection similar to that of twins.

With my best friend Zan, we’ve been through thick and thin and in between for just over forty years. We are completely on the same wavelength of most everything in our lives and have led parallel lives with situations and events similar in both our lives, including our dysfunctional childhoods and mothers. We can finish each other’s sentences and communicate even without words. We’ve also phoned each other so many times at the same moment.

I met Zan when I first moved away from home. I was green! I knew nothing about the world or relationships. I began living when I moved away from home and Zan became my best friend, but more than that – she was a teacher, a mother, a mentor, and sister to me. Twenty-five years ago, she moved to the UK after she met her now husband who came here on a business trip and happened to visit a popular after work drinking hole that Zan happened to be at with a friend. And only months after, packed up her life and went to the UK. She had finally found her life partner. But no distance could keep us apart because we are soul mates. She comes to visit every year, and phone and video chats (in recent years) have enabled us to continue our friendship as though no miles are between us. A soul mate shows up in our life when we are in need of learning new life lessons, and my BFF showed up at the most needed time in my life, even if I was unaware at the time after leaving home and beginning my solo life.

Life Partners

A life partner is someone we form a love and life relationship with. Our life partner is different than the average marriage or living together. It’s a unique relationship with someone we spend much of our time with and we form a special bond with. A life partner is the one meant for us to fulfill our lives with and who is always dependable, nurturing, caring, loving, trustworthy, and always listens to what we have to say, without judgement.

They share our same values and are always supportive and cheer us on to be our best selves, and for our accomplishments. A life partner is along the ride for the long haul regardless of whatever challenges are presented in the relationship. We are comfortable in conversation or in stillness with a life partner who offers stability and unconditional love. A life partner is someone we are in tune with on morals, values, and compassion, that give us that feeling of security and oneness. We may or may not be psychically in- tune with a partner the way we are with a soul mate, but all the elements of a great relationship with them – especially unconditional love, is key with a life partner.

My husband. I was always a fusspot when it came to dating, usually looking for the reasons I shouldn’t date someone. I dated a lot in my long single years, but one thing I’d always managed to stay clear of – getting married. Maybe I’d lived enough in a perpetual broken home, maybe I felt as though I’d served my time as a child playing Mom, but whatever it was, and despite a few near engagements where I realized I couldn’t spend my life with that person, when I began dating my husband, a confirmed bachelor after having been married once before, he told me on our third date he was going to marry me. It frightened me that he may be right. Even though at the time I laughed and told him that was never going to happen. But it did. Because it was meant to be that way. Less than a year later we were living together, and an engagement ring enveloped my finger. If we learn to become aware of what our instincts are telling us and learn to trust in them, we’ll find they usually lead us in the right direction. If we follow our natural instincts without second-guessing ourselves and learn to trust, as opposed to listening to our egos, we will find we’re usually on the right path.

I was blessed to have the most wonderful life partner for how long I was gifted to have him.

The biggest distinction between a soul mate and a life partner is that our soul mates are sent to us through the universe for a purposeful connection to help us evolve, whereas, we choose our life partner (who may well have also been sent us), and they become our grounding stone, helping to keep us balanced. Our life partner brings us peace, harmony, and love, where our soul mates come into our lives when we need a helping hand with changes. A life partner may not share all same interests with us, and may be quite polar-opposite from us, but intentions, morals, values, sharing and caring about the same important things that keep a relationship strengthened is all part and parcel of sharing a life with a life partner.

Soul mates are not always permanent fixtures in our lives, although some may stay, while others fade out after our lessons are learned.

Do you know if you’ve met your soul mate?

Below you will find two helpful videos that talk more about soul mates and life partners:

Four different types of soul mates

Difference between a Life Partner and Soulmate

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My thanks to Debby for another fascinating post on the spiritual side of our natures. I know she would love to hear from you.

About D.G. Kaye (Debby Gies)

D.G. Kaye is a Canadian author living in Toronto, Canada. She writes nonfiction and memoirs about her life experiences, matters of the heart, and self-help about women’s issues. Her positive outlook keeps D.G. on track, allowing her to take on life’s challenges with a dose of humor in her quest to overcome adversity.

D.G. began writing when pen and paper became the tools to express her pent-up emotions during her turbulent childhood. She began journaling about her life at a young age and continued writing about the imprints and lessons she learned through people and events she encountered. D.G. writes books to share her stories and inspiration. She advocates for kindness and for women’s empowerment. Her favorite saying is “For every kindness received, there should be kindness in return. Wouldn’t that just make the world right?”

When she’s not writing, D.G. loves to read (self-help books and stories of triumph), cook (concocting new recipes, never to come out the same way twice), shop (only if it’s a great sale), play poker (when she gets the chance), and, most of all, travel

Books by D.G. Kaye

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I might be in my sixth decade of life, but DG Kaye’s memoir, Fifteen First Times, brings me blissfully back in time as if I were reliving my youth. She includes tender moments, budding independence, and painful firsts. I felt as if I were sitting across the couch from Kaye, sipping crisp white wine and exchanging stories of our beloved but challenging past.

She draws you in with our commonalities as women, from our first love to menstruation, a hysterical shoe obsession, bad hair decisions, first apartments, and broken hearts. As I read through each story, I laughed, cried, and empathized with Kaye’s Fifteen Firsts. It is a bold, funny, and touching read about life’s endearing moments. An enchanting novel for fans of delightful memoirs. 

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122 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Blog Magazine – Spiritual Awareness – Soul Mates and Life Partners by D. G. Kaye

  1. Great read, Debby. Have I met my soulmate? I haven’t thought much about it before. I also never thought much about the distinction between a soul mate and a life partner.

    What I do think about is how blessed I’ve been. My wife is a great friend. I don’t want to go through life with anybody else. I’m also that person who goes the extra mile to keep contact with the important friends I have in my life. I hadn’t planned on it and I never adopted this role when I was younger, but I am now “the organizer,” the person who ensures we continue to foster those friendships by getting us together periodically.

    Liked by 7 people

    • Hi Pete. Thanks for sharing some of yourself here. I have no doubts from all I know of you that you and your wife are life partners. And that is wonderful you are the ‘organizer’. It’s always good if there’s at least one of those in a relationship to keep engaged with friends. ❤

      Liked by 2 people

    • I know what you mean about being the organiser. It seems to me that I am always the one to make the effort to keep in touch. Even with my sister! She lives 200 miles away, but has only visited us once in 20 years, but we visit her every year. I’m also always the one who phones.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Somebody has to take the lead or these things have a way of not happening. I put together a monthly retirement lunch for my former coworkers. I’m ready for somebody else to take the reins, but since nobody has stepped up to the plate, I’ll continue to take it on.

        Liked by 2 people

  2. It’s amazing, Debby, how your definition of soul mate is the perfect description of my best friend of over 50 years who gave me the impression, when we first met, of déjà vu. My life partner is, indeed, my wife of 42 years, from whom I found peace, harmony, and love. I believe the universe sent them my way for different reasons, and I am eternally grateful. Thanks for sharing your insights, and thanks to Sally for hosting.

    Reblogged on Improvisation – “The Art of Living”

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  3. One of my favourite books when I was a child was Anne of Green Gables in which she and Gilbert are ‘kindred spirits’. This is how I think of soul mates and like some others here I’ve been blessed with both great soul mates and life partner. I’d also decided (after a dysfunctional upbringing) that I wasn’t going to marry and also because I’d frequently thought myself in love only to fancy someone else later! When I met my husband, it was as you describe with your own amazing relationship. That pic of the two of you is lovely. So is that wonderful review! Thanks, Debby. ♥♥

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  4. This is such an interesting post. We use the words, ‘Life partner’ and ‘soul mates’ interchangeably most often if we are married to someone we love. And then, we wonder why they don’t share the same interests as us or understand us the way someone else probably does. Thank you, Sally, for sharing Debbie’s post. It was an eye-opener.

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  5. This was ANOTHER super interesting piece about spiritual sides. Thank you Debby! I found what would be my first soul mate/best friend when I was 13. Our lives definitely paralleled, sometimes in crazy ways like when my dad died and my mom sold our house and moved 30 minutes away to a condo that sat next door to her mom’s! And of course, we shared everything. I think, in recent years though, she is unhappy and we don’t talk as much. But here’s the twist, about 5 years ago, a new neighbor moved in and we are 1000% soul mates. It’s just like you say “you just know.” I didn’t think you could have two soulmates (maybe not simultaneously) in a lifetime, but you can. And my husband is definitely my life partner. ♥ Thanks for the knowledge that these two things are different.

    Liked by 2 people

  6. This is such an interesting post, Debby. Thank you for making the distinction between a soul mate and life partner. I think in rare instances they can be the same person. I have often looked at my years with Rick and wondered if he was truly my soul mate. We didn’t always have a harmonious relationship as he pushed me to grow and I pushed him. Change is not always pleasant or easy. Whatever he was, I am grateful that he entered my life when I was such a young girl. I still feel him from beyond the grave. I’m still learning from him, from his writings, his songs, his favorite sayings. Great post! Thanks, Sally!

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  7. What an interesting post. Lots to learn and think about. I have a life partner and very grateful for that and we share a similiar outlook on life in many ways. We are both babies of the family. We are both keen on living life to the full. We are very different too.

    Soul mate… not sure. I have lots of close friends but maybe I’m still to meet my soul mate! 😌

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  8. My sister in Australia came out of a concert during the interval and thought she must message to tell me what I was missing, as she picked up her phone it pinged with a message from me.
    I ‘knew’ I was going to marry my husband about the second time I talked to him, even though I hardly knew him.
    Friends come and go in life and sometimes come back after years of just Xmas cards., others that were so important at one stage of your life are never seen or heard of again!

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  9. Fascinating read, Debby. Sam, my husband of 42 years, is my best friend and soul mate, although I have friends from school I’ve known for longer. We’ve grown old together and sometimes he’s a miserable git, but I can’t imagine ever being with any other man. x

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  10. This was such and interesting post, Debby. I love the idea that a soul mate helps us to evolve while a life partner grounds us and keeps us balanced.
    I also love that a soulmate could become a life partner. The best of both worlds.
    How romantic that your husband told you on the third date that he would marry you. ❤

    Liked by 2 people

  11. I loved these definitions, Debby – they bring so much understanding. I know narcissists often say, “you’re my soul mate” to their partners when the opposite is true, as their victim eventually finds out. I have never read about “life partners” before, it is a wonderful concept. Toni x

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  13. Congratulations on the great review, Debby, and thanks for another very thoughtful and thought provoking post. I’ve never had a life partner (or not yet), but I’ve come across a few soul mates, and some are still in my life. Thanks, Sally!

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  14. Hi Debby, I am glad you have a soul mate. That is wonderful. I have never had a very close friend. I moved to much as a child and I think I learned to keep my friendships light so it was easy to up and leave when the time came.

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  16. Wonderful to finish up the post here at Sally’s, Debby. Yes, I have a life partner too (in case you were worried. Lol). Aah, what more can we ask for than to have such wonderful supporters, teachers, and partners walking with us through life. Thanks for the positive post, Debby, and for hosting, Sally. ❤

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  17. Thank you for this wonderful explanation about soul mates and life partners, Debby. I read it with great interest.

    I don’t think I’ve found my soulmate yet. As a matter of fact, it has been proven quite difficult to meet likeminded souls to begin with. Might be the lifestyle I chose.

    As for a life partner, I do think I have found that in Mark. While our relationship is certainly not as unique and (I feel) close as you and your husband’s, we are an amazing team and we both love and respect each other greatly. We are on the same page about pretty much everything, which is so awesome. Maybe he is my soulmate as well…

    But, I always like to think I have a way out if things were to go bad, so my mind has to stay open to independence if it ever needs to be. 🙂

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  18. I love this article!
    I have a life partner, that’s a sure thing.
    Soul mate, There have been a few at different times. No one has stayed, or I wandered.
    Thank you for this post!

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