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I have lived a fairly nomadic existence living in eight countries including the Sri Lanka, South Africa and USA before settling back here in Ireland. My work, and a desire to see some of the most beautiful parts of the world in the last forty years, has taken me to many more incredible destinations around Europe and Canada, and across the oceans to New Zealand and Hawaii. All those experiences and the people that I have met, provide a rich source of inspiration for my stories.

I have been a storyteller most of my life (my mother called them fibs!). Poetry, song lyrics and short stories were left behind when work and life intruded, but that all changed in 1996. My first book Size Matters was a health and weight loss book based on my own experiences of losing 70kilo. I have written another ten books since then on health and also fiction including three collections of short stories. I am an indie author and proud to be one. My greatest pleasure comes from those readers who enjoy my take on health, characters and twisted endings… and of course come back for more.

REVIEWS are so very important for an author and I am very grateful for the feedback that my books receive. If you have purchased or been gifted one of my books I would love to hear what you think about it. I do have some areas that you can help me with so that I can develop as a writer and it is in this post. https://smorgasbordinvitation.wordpress.com/2017/04/18/how-can-we-encourage-more-readers-to-leave-reviews-for-our-books/

As a writer I know how important it is to have help in marketing books.. as important as my own promotion is, I believe it is important to support others. I offer a number of FREE promotional opportunities on my blog and linked to my social media. If you are an author who would like to be promoted to a new audience of dedicated readers, please contact me via my blog. All it will cost you is a few minutes of your time. Look forward to hearing from you.

If you would like to read the long version….. here it is

I am one of those people who has led an eclectic life. My father was in the Royal Navy so we lived abroad several times and I only really settled down in the UK at age 14. My education suffered a little from switching between seven schools in different countries but I now have a repertoire of swear words second to none!

I trained as a secretary as my parents felt that my dream to be an actress and music diva was probably a little unrealistic!  I started well in my first job but a pregnant chair side assistant who developed a phobia to blood meant that I had to step into the shoes of dental nurse, a career I enjoyed before moving to the hospitality industry.

This resulted in me meeting my husband (known as room 40) nine years later and we had a whirlwind courtship over five weeks and married 36 years ago. We still have the whirlwind courtship moving over several continents to reach the final outpost here in on the East Coast of Ireland in a small harbour called Courtown. Luckily with the Worldwide Web it is still possible from this terrific place to keep in touch with all the amazing people we have met off and online.

I have spent a number of years in each of the following industries – Hospitality, Retail, Advertising and Telecommunications, radio and television and had a blast. I love learning new skills and eventually I might even master WordPress!

I have written short stories and poetry since a very young age and when I went ‘Indie’ in 1998 I combined my retraining as a Nutritional Therapist with this love of writing with my first book. I also began contributing columns in the media in the UK and Spain and my own monthly newsletter.

My first health book  was Size Matters which told the story of my journey from a very overweight 24 stone – 330lbs to a slimmish and healthier individual.

Over the last 18 years this love of writing has developed into another ten titles, my blog and also into Indie Publishing in 2004.  You will find more of that story in the directory. Moyhill Publishing.

Over the last 13 years I have managed to fit radio and Internet television both in front of the microphone and camera and behind in a producing and directing role.  So whilst I never became the UK Esther Williams I did get to perform without getting too waterlogged.

My latest book was published on 27th July 2017  What’s in a Name – Stories of Life and Romance.. This is Volume Two and takes ordinary people with ordinary names who leave a lasting impression.

You can buy the book here: https://www.amazon.com/Whats-Name-Stories-Life-Romance-ebook/dp/B0748MLZ1W

And Amazon UK : https://www.amazon.co.uk/Whats-Name-Stories-Life-Romance-ebook/dp/B0748MLZ1W

You can find more reviews and follow me on Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7979187.Sally_Cronin

Social Media connections.
I would love to connect with you on other sites too and here are my links.






https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/SallyGCronin or you can buy safely direct from my own selling pages.

If you would like to talk to me about guest blogging or to participate in any of the FREE book promotions you can find details at this link.


Thank you for stopping by and please leave your comments and introduce yourself.



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  9. Hello,

    I am relatively new to your blog, and love it thus far. I was wondering if you could please email me at zoe.ambler5@gmail.com about the possibility of allowing me to interview you for my blog, or, perhaps guest blogging. I’d like to share with my readers people’s whose interests and opinions are unlike my own (cats and horror and mundane life stuff) to let them get a glimpse into truly talented people! Thank you very much!

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  12. ‘Eclectic’ that is the first word that jumped into my head when I popped over and your bio has confirmed it! 😀 Also your reblog comment (on my blog) was so informative and well written that of course you are a writer! Looking forward to diving further into the the old smorgasbord on my reading sessions!

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  14. Hola Sally, Good to ‘meet’ you! Am impressed by your long list of publications etc., and blog. I’m an ‘ancient,’ eclectic writer’ (think wine over cheese, but mentally 40…). A Brit retired with husband in Spain, I’m addicted to words (writing and reading). Over the years, I’ve written many articles, short stories, poetry, and five books – plus an adaptation; edited and proof-read husband’s Memoir, and others. Shouldn’t think back, but mainstream publishing was kind to me years ago, and I find all the technical stuff a bit daunting, but press on. There are ‘all sorts’ on my wordpress pages, if you’d care to look, the address is http://www.joylennick.wordpress.com/ Your time is much appreciated. Best wishes. Joy

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  16. Sally, I’m an author and the owner of Truelove Press. I’ll be publishing an anthology soon and was interested in your offer of promotion. What do I need to do to get our book mentioned on your blog? If you’d like to chat privately, you can contact me at truelovepress at gmail.com.

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  21. Hi Sally I have just found your site through Tina Frisco’s blog. I have just started writing in the last 2 years after changing from fine art. I have just published my first book Trivia Lovers Ultimate Reference after 2 years of research and am now doing a blog at https://wordpress.com/view/debrarussellblogsfromdownunder.wordpress.com if you are interested in having a look. Thanks for everything you do to encourage and support other authors, I think its wonderful

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  29. Hi Sally, just found your blog through your kind comments on mine – what an interesting life you have had.
    As a fellow Indie author – I wish you all the best with your books.
    Best wishes

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