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Delighted to announce that Annette Rochelle Aben will be joining our team here on Smorgasbord with a column that will share the ancient belief in the mystical relationship between numbers and events.

I asked Annette if she would give us an introductions to numerology before the start of her series and I am sure that it will pique your interest as to were your own life path might be headed in 2019 and beyond.

Numerology may seem like an abstract concept to some but basically, it is the belief that everything can be converted to a number and that numbers have meaning that help us understand our world better. This dates back, to the sixth century B.C. when philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras, introduced this information through his teachings.

I have been using numerology in my everyday life, since I was a little girl. Once I began a career as a professional psychic reader, I would unconsciously incorporate numerology into my readings. Much to the surprise of the recipients, they would be amazed at the accuracy of the information. It was then, I decided to also offer workshops to those interested in knowing more and how to apply that knowledge in their lives.

Sally has been kind enough to offer me the opportunity to share some numerology information with you, here on her blog. I am excited to be of service. It does take some dedication to absorb the information of numerology, however once you have the basics, you will find the energy of numbers to be fascinating and helpful. For instance, if you find yourself experiencing a rather stressful time in your life, it could be that understanding the numeric vibration energy, you can find some peace. Finding peace, allows you to go with the flow. Imagine, seeing life as your friend and being able to trust that friendship’s support and guidance.

So, let’s look at shifting numeric energy!

In numerology, energy will shift in 3 specific increments, yearly, monthly and daily. There are Universal energy shifts as well as personal. To find the Universal energies, we need only look at the date. The current year gives us the Universal Yearly Energy. So, 2018, is a 2 energy. To figure that out, we take all the numbers of the year and add them up, reducing the total to the smallest number between 1 and 9.

For the Universal Monthly Energy, we look at which month we are in such as December which is a 3 and add that to the Universal Yearly Energy of 2018, which is a 2. That gives us a 5 Universal Monthly Energy for December of 2018.

You are probably one step ahead of me here and have already figured out the Universal Daily Energy. You add the month day and year numbers together to arrive at that energy. Which would make December 25, 2018 a 3. December is a 3, the day is 25, which adds up to a 7 and we add the 2 of 2018, which gives us a 3!

3 + 7 + 2 = 1 + 2 = 3

It is the Universal Monthly Energy that we will be exploring here over the next twelve months. Because each of us will have our personal monthly energies, there will be a variance in how these energies directly affects us individually. Still, having this monthly information will give us a starting point. You are welcome to ask questions, in fact, I encourage your curiosity. After all, learning something new is exciting. Here’s to an exciting 2019 for all of us.

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Welcome to January! The beginning of a brand-new year and of course, a brand-new month.

This is such a powerful time for many of us, as we look forward to the fresh starts and new beginnings of January. We’ll seek to alter our eating habits, sign up at the gym and reset our flagging budgets. Interestingly, all this energy, is connected to the number 1 in numerology.

January, being the first month of the year, rightfully owns that energy. And it is as though we move forward robotically, with every good intention every January. Some find it an easy go, while others seem to struggle.

Why?   – Head over to find out…..

February – To refresh those who may be new to this column…

Numerology may seem like an abstract concept to some but basically, it is the belief that everything can be converted to a number and that numbers have meaning that help us understand our world better. This dates back, to the sixth century B.C. when philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras, introduced this information through his teachings.

Welcome to February! We’ve just begun this new year and we meet here in the shortest of months. Most of us have long forgotten the big changes we wanted to make, and of you are on my side of the equator, you are staring dull, dreary winter, smack in the face! Life can seem to be tugging at our emotions right now, which is one of the characteristics of the number 2. February, being the second month of the year, was born to rock that energy. And, for being the shortest month of the year, can seem to d-r-a-g us through the days and weeks.

Gee, Annette, this sounds like FUN (not).  Find out more…..

Welcome to March 2019 and all the wonders herein! I love this month because it is offering us the energy of (wait for it – wait for it) ENERGY! If you have been feeling that your get up and go, got up and went during the winter, March lends its energy of a 3 to your anxiousness. Thank you, March, you are our friend.

However, this March, we are working with the Universal Energy of 2019 + 3, which gives us a 6. 2 + 0 + 1 + 9 + 3 = 15. Then you take the 1 + 5 and add it down to the smallest number between 1 & 9, which is a 6.

Trust me on this, okay…

The beauty of time frame of 6 is that it gives us the chance to be our best selves. We have climbed to the tops of the mountains, wrestled the alligators and ridden on the backs of tigers. During this time, we can be recognized for our winning ways and doesn’t that always feel good!

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Welcome to April 2019, the first full month of Spring! There is much to celebrate as the earth bursts forth with new life. Being the 4th month of the calendar year, April holds the energy of the physical world. Yet, when combined with the energy or the current year, it takes on a whole new meaning.

The purpose of this series is to inform everyone about the layers of energy that shift each month, and to arm us with knowledge that can help us make sense of it all.
(deep sigh)

The Universal Energy of a month tells us what the current year adds to the month’s Personal Energy.

The personal energy shows us how that entity will handle the Universal Energy.

To find the Universal Energy, we are adding all the numbers of the current year and reducing the end result, to the smallest number between 1 & 9. 2 + 0 + 1 + 9 = 3.

Hence, the Universal Energy for 2019 is a 3.

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The Universal energy for July.

This week, not only do we find out what our universal energy is going to be gifting us in July, but also I am showcasing Annette Rochelle Aben’s latest poetry collection, hot off the press this week.

The Universal Energy for August

Your Universal Energy for September

The Universal Energy of October… what does it hold in store for you?

November’s Universal Energy

December’s Universal Energy and a thank you to Annette.

Annette Rochelle Aben a thank you and December’s Universal Energy

Annette Rochelle Aben has been a professional numerologist for over 20 years. She offers readings and instruction using numerology. Contact her at innerchildart (at) yahoo (dot) com.



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Over the years, Annette has been blessed with having both hobbies and jobs that required her to write. This resulted in her winning the admiration of peers and industry professionals alike. Publication lead to awards, which provided even more encouragement and now, Annette Rochelle Aben is a #1 Best Selling Author!

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Along the way, Annette found time to explore the worlds of Aroma Therapy, Astrology, Bach Flower Essences, Crystal Therapy, Feng Shui, Hypnotherapy, Music Therapy, Numerology, Reiki, and Tarot. Guided by her Angels as to what to study and with whom, Annette turned many of her studies into sideline businesses.

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Annette Rochelle Aben writes the most beautiful and heartfelt poetry, most frequently in the form of tanka and haiku verse. Annette bares her thoughts, feelings and soul to the world with her writing and enables you to experience her joy and delight at living with her. One identifying feature of Annette’s poetry is that she appeals to all five of the senses. I frequently find that poems focus on the visual, what the writer sees, but not that many poets manage to capture the smell, sound and touch of life in quite the way Annette does. One of the poems in this book that filled me with delight is this one: We found paradise Filled with rolling hills of green Houses so cozy Paths strewn with flowers fragrant Watercolor painted skies

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